Magic Kingdom Takeover With Minkpink and Abby Corkins

OUTFIT DETAILS C/O: Playsuit ( MinkPink ), Enchanted Tee ( MinkPink ), Denim Skirt ( MinkPink ), Denim Jacket ( MinkPink ), Ears ( Sara:  Magic Made C o.), Bags ( Sara: Danielle Nicole, Abby: Dooney & Bourke), Jewelry (Sara: Vintage Disney Watch, Abby: Alex & Ani), Sunglasses (Versace)

OUTFIT DETAILS C/O: Playsuit (MinkPink), Enchanted Tee (MinkPink), Denim Skirt (MinkPink), Denim Jacket (MinkPink), Ears ( Sara: Magic Made Co.), Bags ( Sara: Danielle Nicole, Abby: Dooney & Bourke), Jewelry (Sara: Vintage Disney Watch, Abby: Alex & Ani), Sunglasses (Versace)

Wow, I can not believe it has been 6 months since my magical weekend with Abby Corkins and 6 months since I was last in Disney World! 

I have got 25 more days to go until my next trip and I can not wait!!!

Ok but back to this Magic Kingdom Takeover with MINKPINK... This weekend truly was one of the best Disney trips I have ever been on. Abby and I started our weekend off with breakfast at the Grand Floridian and had the most delicious Mickey waffles. My favorite memories are going to high tea at the GF with my mom, it was so fun to go back and try breakfast with a friend this time. We coordinated our looks with the BATB (Beauty and the Beast) collection from MINKPINK. This is really fun, if you haven't tried color coordinating your looks with a friend in the park yet, I highly recommend it at least once :) It really pulls pictures together easily! MINKPINK made it even easier with MY FAVORITE DISNEY COLLAB TO DATE. Every piece was so wearable and translated into my wardrobe back home. It was an enchanted collection, I wear all my pieces regularly. They still have some piece left... AND THEY ARE ON SALE! Shop them here.

We made our way over to Magic Kingdom by way of the Monorail (so missing that right now), and headed straight for the hub grass to hang out for a little bit. We took the day at a super slow pace which was really nice. I usually speed through Disney like a maniac, but going with a local, taught me to slow down a bit. As a non-local, who never knows when her next trip is, I always try to race my way through everything. After relaxing a bit and taking some hub grass shots, we made our way to Storybook Circus in Fantasyland for my FAVORITE enchanted rose cakepops and pics at my favorite wall in magic kingdom. 

Charity, Abby's sister met up with us later in the evening and we hit the PeopleMover and Space Mountain and then went to the Incredibles Super Dance Party and danced with Mr. and Mrs. Incredible. We finished the night off watching Wishes for the last time. 

I don't think that there was one moment that wasn't more magical than the last during this trip. Abby and I are little old grandmas when it comes to being out late and it was so nice to go back and hang out with her cats each night after our park days. 

Ugh I can not wait to see the next MINKPINK X DISNEY collab... Just over here patiently waiting in hopes that there will be another one!

Did you guys grab anything from the collection or have any favorites? Also, if you take Disney at a slow pace, what are your must do's on those days? Let me know!