We Are Traveling Epcot's World Showcase at Walt Disney World For Flower and Garden Festival

Outfit Details: Sweater ( Forever 21 ), Bodysuit ( Forever 21 ), Skirt ( Forever 21 ), Jewelry ( Disney Couture Jewelry ), Purse ( Danielle Nicole Handbags )

Outfit Details: Sweater (Forever 21), Bodysuit (Forever 21), Skirt (Forever 21), Jewelry (Disney Couture Jewelry), Purse (Danielle Nicole Handbags)

I had an absolute blast with Abby and Charity at Flower and Garden fest this Spring! I tried the violet lemonade for the first time (it was delicious... totally lived up to the hype) and we also tried the Twinings® Green Tea Berry Mint Julep... which in our opinion is actually better than the Violet Lemonade if that is possible. Have you tried it?


My favorite part of Flower and Garden Festival is actually hanging out in the butterfly tent. This year was extra magical! Both Charity and I got to have a sacred experience with two different butterflies. Life made.

We finished the evening with dinner in Morocco and had falafel fries and hummus! Oh so yummy.


We can't wait until next year! We will be dreaming all year long!

What is your favorite part of Flower and Garden Festival?