A Whole New World Dressed In Disney With Aladdin And Jasmine

OUTFIT DETAILS C/O: Jasmine Bodysuit ( Macys ), Loveland Skirt ( sararose.co ), Poisen Apple Necklace ( Disney Couture ), Disney Quote Bangles ( D Crew Designs ), Moana Duffle Bag ( Lesportsac ), Sunglasses ( Pan Oceanic Eyewear ), hat (vintage), shoes ( amazon )

OUTFIT DETAILS C/O: Jasmine Bodysuit (Macys), Loveland Skirt (sararose.co), Poisen Apple Necklace (Disney Couture), Disney Quote Bangles (D Crew Designs), Moana Duffle Bag (Lesportsac), Sunglasses (Pan Oceanic Eyewear), hat (vintage), shoes (amazon)

 September is officially here. Ah, I can't believe it! 

I have a love hate relationship with September. I love it because it feels so new and fresh, it reminds me of the excitement of back to school and shopping and new supplies and new friends and all things new... the weather is crisp, the skies are blue. It's that beautiful in between, end of summer start of fall. Pumpkin spice lattes are back, Food and Wine Festival, I can officially start watching Nightmare Before Christmas and Charlie Brown and The Great Pumpkin. I can still get away with shorts and skirts but sweaters are back and cozier than ever. I make my annual trip to New York for Fashion Week with my mom. There are just so many great things about September (besides the fact that it is also the month I got married :) one year ago coming up this 9/24/17) It is kind of my new years celebration. I feel like September is where I find new goals and I get a rush of creative inspiration. 


It all sounds so great right? Where is the hate in this love hate relationship? September also means that fall and winter are close behind and that I won't see summer again for almost 8 months, maybe 9 if Chicago decides to be extra cruel. For this sun loving, tropical island dreaming girl, moving back to Chicago was one of the hardest things I have done. Sounds silly, I know. But I knew that moving back was giving up one of my biggest dreams and promises to myself. Living in a warm weather climate for the rest of my life. 

I moved back 7 years ago, thinking I would be moving back to LA 6 months later... Well, here we are 7 years later, married and 3 stores in, and not a chance with residing somewhere warm any time soon :p 


Life is all about learning lessons and growing. I think what I am loving about exploring Chicago and bringing home the magic the most, is that I have spent a lot of my life running away from Chicago. I am so guilty of not loving it and not being a die hard Chicago fan. I mean thats huge here. People in Chicago wear it with pride, I MEAN PRIDE! Like, they take city pride to a whole new level. My brother has the city skyline tattooed on his arm... I have never been that person. But I am trying to stop running from this place that is home and has been for a majority of my life. 

I feel like I have so often related to every Disney Princess that just wants to explore and be anywhere but where they are from. They want adventure in the great wide somewhere... and so do I! Like Moana, the sea calls me, like Pocahontas I want to run the hidden pine trails of the forest and follow whats around the river bend. How can I know how far all go, if I stay in the same place? 


But like every Disney Princess, I have come to find out that adventure finds those who seek it, wherever you are. 

I am learning to see my hometown in a new way. I've got tourist lenses on and I have been scouring Pinterest, Instagram and Google for all of the places to go and things to do. I have learned a lot from the Disney Instagram community. I have had so much fun watching everyone share their magic and take on the world with all the sorts of pixie dust and adventure. I have learned that PIXIE DUST LOOKS GOOD ON EVERYTHING! I have also loved reading how many of you are in Chicago or know the places I have gone and love them too. It is so cool sharing these experiences with you. 


The past few posts have been total immersion of my life here in Chicago, my job and my love for Disney! Most of you may know that I own a boutique and fashion line here in Chicago. Well, we are growing and I have been able to mix and match pieces from the shop with Disney pieces and it fills my heart with joy. I have been a boho hippie from the beginning... I walked out of my mothers womb ready to be an eclectic little fairy. To be able to create bohemian inspired Disney looks is what my dreams are made of. 

I found this bodysuit online at macys.com after seeing Jill from @disneygirlbeauty in another one from there and I have been waiting to wear it with just the right outfit. I mentioned in my insta stories that this was my new favorite outfit of all times and I was not lying. I felt like it embodied what I love and where I was going with all of my goals and dreams. I practically live in bodysuits and mini skirts. I am obsessed with piling bangles up my arms and vintage hats are my thing. I can't go anywhere without one. 

I got this Moana duffle bag for my Honeymoon trip to Hawaii in February and I have used it so much since. I am constantly on the go here and so I usually have a giant bag with me in addition to my smaller daily purse. This bag takes me from work to workout to dinner and then home haha. 


I would love to know how you immerse magic into your world, tips and tricks on keeping an adventurous eye open to your everyday life? What do you do to create that "whole new world" feeling when you need a pick me up?

Let me know!