Grove Collaborative Hosted A Private Pop-Up Event To Showcase Caldrea's Line Up Of Home Fragrances


Grove Collaborative hosted a private event this past week in Chicago to showcase the delicious scents from Caldrea’s full home fragrance collection.

I had not yet been introduced to Caldrea, so this was my first time experiencing the products.

The line boasts a wide variety of aromatherapeutic living essentials for your home. The full collection includes: dish and hand soaps, house cleaners, candles, laundry, and nursery scents, all made from safe natural essential oil blends, herbs and flowers.

My favorite scent of the night was the Sea Salt Neroli. It smelled so delicious. I am not usually one for a stronger scent, but the blend was perfect and not overwhelming with any single note. It has a bit of a bite to it, but a rich full base so it does not over power.


Caldrea’s beliefs are simple. They want caring for your home to be a beautiful and safe experience.

Although it is not easy to find on the site, Caldrea and its suppliers do not test on animals. I gave a call to customer service to confirm and verify those details. They do use beeswax in some of the products, so make sure to look at the ingredients of each product if you are aiming to maintain a vegan household.

You can find Caldrea products at!