OUTFIT DETAILS C/O: Vegan Fur Coat (YFB On The Road), Metallic Dress (long time personal piece from a local boutique), Bag (Vintage Ferragamo), Shoes (Steve Madden)


It's that time of year!!

Joy and panic set in as we prepare for the holidays ahead. We are full swing in to the countless parties and social engagements that come with holiday territory, and I usually end up running around in a tizzy, last minute, trying to get my shopping done. Yes, I am so guilty of being a last minute holiday shopper. Luckily, this year (I am still working on a last minute deadline), Bow & Arrow has my back. Bow & Arrow Collection, is the place you can go and load up on perfect gifts for any occasion to have a stock pile ready at any moment (if you are a super organized planner kind of person), or the kind of place you walk in 5 minutes before a party, and walk out with a gift that looks like you thoroughly thought out the details ahead of time. 

I stopped in and put together my holiday wish list. All these items are available at Bow & Arrow Collection at 1815 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647. You can find them on Instagram here.


1. color curated themed gift sets

There isn't an inch of Bow & Arrow that isn't curated. It is so easy to walk in and put together a cute themed gift set for any holiday or any occasion. I fell in love with their Christmas table, specifically: the Magic Yule Logs, Reindeer Noses, and the mini pom key chains. I am a sucker for anything that adds a hint of magic to my life. Rainbow fire logs, cute candy and puffy poms are all right up my ally. I love when gifts make someone smile and sticking to a color or theme is not only aesthetically beautiful, but it also raises our vibrations, and adds a little cheer. 

2. witty pins and keychains

Bow & Arrow Collection is most notably known for their wit and plethora of pop cultural references, along with their millennial aesthetic. I am terrified of millennials... I know, I know.. I am one, but I am still petrified :p If you are shopping for a millennial and are not exactly sure what to get... it is a pretty safe bet that, witty enamel pins or keychains will score big time.  My personal favorites are: the "you're not the worst", the "high five",  and the "let's be friends" pins.

When in doubt think of something empowering or encouraging or just plain silly. 

3. delicate jewelry

You can never go wrong with jewelry, especially dainty jewelry.  I have my eye on the winking earring set... pun definitely intended! The geometric shapes and lightening bolts are super cute too, but I just love the subtle sass in the winking set. 

4. candle + journal

Two of my favorite things to receive as gifts are candles and journals. I don't know what it is about the combo... maybe that they evoke this idea of self care and nurturing, quiet time at home with myself after busy social holiday season :p  Add in a pretty pen to complete a cute gift set.

5. sassy breakfast tray

"Considere yourself served"... My husband, Nick, makes fun of me for how often I eat in bed :-o maybe that is tmi? I don't know, but I do know that a breakfast tray has been on my list for quite awhile. I often find myself coming home from a long day of work, too tired to sit any where but my bed... and I usually still have work to catch up on once I am home for the night. More often than not, I find myself struggling to carry my dinner and laptop up to our bedroom... hence the desperate need for a fun breakfast tray. Also, when I travel, sometimes my favorite meals are room service meals in hotel rooms :p I feel like having a breakfast tray would lend to creating that staycation vibe at home. 

6. pink letter-board

I have had a letter board on my wish list for years! But I couldn't commit to one until NOW! I fell in love with the large pink and black letter board at Bow & Arrow. Oh my goodness, I don't think I need to say anymore. It is a dream of a letter board. If you are looking for a letter board or light box... YOU MUST GET YOUR BUTT INTO B&A NOW. 

Christmas is just over a week away! Still plenty of time to get shopping done, stress free, while supporting our fellow local girl gang just down the street. 

I would love to see what you get or what made your wish list! Tag @sararoseontheroad on Instagram.