How to: Saturday Morning Chic in 5 Easy Minutes or Less

OUTFIT DETAILS: Shirt Dress (Toby Heart Ginger), Bangles (Lillian and Co. available at SARAROSE, call to order), Earrings (Alexis Bittar), Belt & Bag (Vintage), Vegan Shoes (Target)


my clients know, I live by the rule of 5. 5 easy pieces that create a chic look in 5 minutes or less. often we complicate things, but I love having classic wardrobe staples for days I want (or need) to be out the door in 5 minutes or less... or on any given day really. saturday mornings are no different. I actually idolize saturday mornings, they are rare and sacred for me. my perfect saturday morning looks like this: a cute casual yet chic outfit, a walk to a local neighborhood coffee and pastry shop, followed by a visit to a farmers market, and then Target because... that is my sacred alone space sometimes (I am not going to lie) :p 

when these sacred days actually come, I am usually so overwhelmed from my week that when it comes to putting on that cute outfit, I tend to crawl into sweats and throw by hair in a bun... totally fine, but some days I just really want that perfect saturday, and so I have compiled this list of 5 essentials for my said perfect effortless saturday outfit. 


1. a classic shirtdress

I love this shirtdress! it has a classic feel, but the color and material add a laid back, modern, boho vibe. this look is a little more sophisticated than I would usually choose, but I wanted to really go out of my normal comfort zone and I have always wanted to try the shirtdress style. this shirt dress also comes in slate, which would also be more of my color palette choice, but again I really wanted to surprise myself and get out of habits! I was pleasantly surprised with this entire look! I saw a different side to myself, I didn't necessarily know existed. I love that you could also wear this unbuttoned over jeans and a white tee and get a totally different look. 

2. belt

a belt is any girls go to staple piece. it can add shape and sophistication to any look. I have had this belt for years and I can't count the times that an entire look has changed just from adding a belt. this look included. 

3. bangles

these bangles add a touch of magic to any look, any day! I am a firm believer in manifesting and speaking your dreams and goals into existence. these Lillian and Co. bangles are a great everyday staple, especially if you stack them up or mix them in with your collection of bangles. you can call to order these bangles at 773.654.3421.

4. easy heels

these vegan heels have taken me through so many different occasions. they are my favorites! I wear my shoes to death, but I also take care of them and keep them for years. I try to look for shoes that are fun and interesting but also timeless. 

 5. bag

I bought this vintage bag at a Goodwill in Florida, this was years ago, and I had put it away for a bit until recently because I felt I had over worn it for a time. I recently brought it back out and I have loved giving it new life again.


when you have got a great set of go to favorites, putting looks together gets easier and easier. at this point I don't even take my staple jewelry off and I have my shoes, bag, and hat hanging/sitting all together right by the door, so as I am rushing out they are all ready for me. 

in an age where everyone is so concerned about wearing the same outfit twice once they have posted it or have been seen it it, I find comfort in the ease of knowing my favorite outfits, and re-wearing them out of respect and convenience. 

when you have half your chic look ready and waiting by the door, the 5 minutes or less gets a lot easier! a bonus tip I have for quick chic outfits, is keeping your favorite outfits on a separate rack or in an easy to see area, and no more than 3-5 favorite looks on that rack. I found an over the door rack that works in smaller spaces at Meier. I have a rack from Ikea that I use to showcase my favorites or my looks of the week. it really helps in grab and go outfits, it also looks super cute and is instagramable.