How to: Wear Boho Print Dresses

OUTFIT DETAILS C/O: Find similar boho print dresses and head scarves at, vintage loafers


to say that I am so happy for the extra bit of sunshine and warmth we have had this month is an understatement. a little surprise summer in fall has its perks! I don't have to wear pants just yet :p 

we have got an amazing array of boho print dresses at that are the perfect in between staples, that say fall but feel like summer. 

my favorite way to wear boho print dresses is with a vintage flat loafer and a cute contrasting print head scarf. once it starts to feel a bit more crisp and fall, I swap out the head scarf for a vintage wide brimmed felt hat, swap my loafers for thigh high boots and socks and add in my favorite vegan fur vests or denim jackets. 

the transition is easy and requires minimal wardrobe purchases. I love having a staple set of go to fall favorites, boots, vest, hat, and scarves. you don't need to be buying these items every year. stretch out the use of each item by investing in timeless styles and taking great care of them. I have been wearing my favorites for almost 8 years now and they are still just as cute! I add in a couple new dresses and blouses in current boho prints and voila! everything feels new again. 

what about you? do you have favorite fall staples? or favorite ways to wear your boho dresses for fall, when its still a bit warm out? 

I would love to see and here! #theperksofbeingaflowerchild on insta and tag me @sararoseontheroad.

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