How to: A Beginners Guide to Flatlays


It seems like flatlays are everywhere these days... from fashion designers and boutiques to chic professionals and our favorite stay at home blogger moms. 

What I love about flatlay photos, is that they help catalog your wardrobe and they inspire us to put outfits together in new ways. They make outfit planning a little bit easier in that you can have so much content to pull from on a regular basis, when you are pushed for time getting ready, and need a go to look that you can throw on in 5 minutes or less. With that being said, flatlay photos have become a true art form. 


They can seem a bit intimidating at first but they are really just composed of 3 easy guidelines:

1: multiple elements... flatlays work best when you have at least 3-5 elements in the photo. you don't want much more than that to start. 

2. filling the photo... you want the photo to feel full, complete and balanced. fill the frame entirely so that there is no empty awkward space. 

3. layering... creating depth and texture by layering your elements helps bring attention to details you want emphasized. it also helps to connect the pieces to the story you are telling in your photo. play with different sizes and shapes and materials. 


The best way to learn is to try and try and play and try and play again and again. Have fun with it and experiment with filters or lighting or backgrounds. Find your esthetic and add little touches that become your signature style.


I hope this helps and that in the very least you have a fun new way to organize and catalog your favorite outfits.