How to: Declutter Your Closet

tis the season! the tulips have already begun to pop through the winter ground, and I am so excited. all of the hope and excitement for my favorite seasons, just around the corner! I appreciate winter and its purpose, but I am in my final stage of winter, where the shedding of the old has becoming fully realized and I am ready for the change that has been stirring all season long. 

I always like to start pre-spring with a total assessment and clean out of my life and home, from closet to closet, I make my way through it all to determine what no longer is serving me and what I need to let go of in order to make room for the new adventures that await me. 

how do we expect to find that perfect staple trench coat or even the love of our life, if we don't have the space or room for what we are wishing for? 

sometimes I find myself holding on to something because it was so good to me in the past, but either I wore it out or it became faded or just doesn't quite fit the personality of the woman I have become or wish to be, and yet I hold on to it, out of guilt or false hope, comfort... it changes with each piece I hold on to, but either way it remains unworn or uninspiring. I always tell my clients when they are assessing by themselves or with me, to keep in mind these important questions:

  1.  Is it too worn? Faded? 
  2. Does it fit well? Can it be altered? Taken in or let out? 
  3. Do you wear it? Or have you worn it recently? Does it serve a purpose?
  5. Can you restyle it to make it feel new or to fall in love with it? Is there a way to see it in a new light that you love?
  6. Is there something else that you think could be a better version or fit for you in your life now? Or is this something that truly represents the human you want to be and are working towards?

if not, then it needs to go and it no longer serves a purpose. someone else might be able to use it. it most likely will serve a beautiful purpose for someone else after you let it go. but most importantly, letting go of things you are holding on to creates space. it sounds silly but it creates space for the things you really want. 

it could be anything, from a new blouse you have had your eye on, to that dream piece you didn't know existed, to a new career move, meeting the love of your life, travel and adventure... what ever it is that you are looking for, creating space and letting go of things that are holding you back, however small or silly it may seem, really works to launch you forward in the direction you are hoping to go. 

so as spring begins to show signs of its arrival, I always take this time to clear some room for what is waiting for me. I started this process yesterday and will continue every weekend until about May or until I feel I am finished for this season.

keep me updated with your progress! tag @sararoseonoak and #sararoseonoak over on instagram or comment below. I hope that this is useful for you.

I can't wait to see what the univerese has in store for you.