Eco-Friendly Feminine Care Guide


Ok when it comes to periods the LAST thing I want to do is fuss and do anything complicated or unnecessary.

A few years ago I made the switch from traditional tampons to the Diva Cup... LIFE CHANGING (once you get the hang of it! It takes a few trial and errors, there is a video WATCH IT, but once you get it, whoa! Game Changer). This past year I was introduced to Livia (a pill free pain reliever) and Thinx (those period panties, you know you've seen the Mila Kunis facebook videos raving about them). Technically, I first ordered Livia a couple years back when it was just on a kickstarter program and I thought I would never get it... it took awhile to be market ready but let me tell you it was well worth the wait. I finally got my little bundle of pain relieving joy and it truly has made my pain much more tolerable. Unlike pills, it kicks in right away. Usually, I can't leave the house for the first 2 days because my pain is intolerable (thank you fibromyalgia), but with Livia I just stick the little flower petals on and within a minute or so my cramps go from 20 to 5, on a scale from 1-10. I was taking an unhealthy amount of ibuprofen dealing with pain until I met my Livia.  

Having fallen in love with my Diva Cup and Livia, I thought I would give Thinx a try and see what I could be missing out on. I just ordered my first two pairs last week. When I shared this news on Instagram a lot of you said that you love your Thinx panties! So I am including them on here in good faith :p until I can test them out and give my feedback. What I can say, is that they are comfortable and DO NOT feel like a diaper or a liner. I am looking forward to seeing how they do when put to the true test.

So here it is, my Keep It Super Simple guide to eco-friendly feminine care:

1. The Diva Cup - there are two different sizes: one is for those who have had children and one for those who haven't. Watch the video and practice because once you get it down you will wonder why you ever used a traditional tampon. It took me about 3 tries to get it down. I recommend wearing Thinx along with your Diva Cup the first few tries.

2. Livia - I honestly can't say enough about Livia. I have felt tremendous results with this little beauty, I am thinking about adding another one to my travel pack, so I have one for home and one on the go. 

3. Thinx - I am planning on ordering a full cycle set in the future. I think this is a great option and alternative to liners and pads. I am thinking 3 hip huggers and 3 thongs. Not only are the re-wearable and cut down on the amount of waste each month, but they are sleek and look just like regular panties, they aren't bulky and practically feel as though you are wearing nothing. 

I hope this helps! Have you tried any of these products or do you have favorite eco-friendly feminine care products that your would like to share? Let me now! I am always on the hunt for new ways to make feminine care a little less painful and annoying.