Superfood Swap Week 1

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Superfood Swap Week 1

Hi guys!! I am so excited to do this challenge. If you haven't been following along daily on Instagram, we here at SRO are doing a challenge and a giveaway. My good friend Dawn Jackson Blatner, registered dietician nutritionist diva and author, wrote a book called the Superfood Swap and it just came out! So with the start of a new year and my honeymoon just 4 weeks away... It was perfect timing to kick my butt into gear and get ready mentally and physically for Hawaii.

I love Dawn and loved her first book The Flexitarian Diet. I have admired her work for almost a decade now and was so excited when she told me she was working on an awesome new book. She has had a busy year... Winning ABC's My Diet is Better Than Yours, dietician to the Chicago Cubs Champions, a book release... girl is on fire! So when the new year hit, I knew it was time for a DJB pick me up! 

This plan WON the ABC reality TV show My Diet is Better Than Yours and is backed by science and Dawn's experience as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.


Ok, so one of the things I love about Dawn's approach is the FUN FACTOR. She doesn't aim to take everything so serious or everything you love away from you. Her hope is to give you healthy alternatives and to find fun in self care and your food process. 

So with that being said, I had some highs and lows this week but I am ending it feeling proud and on a high note. 

One of my highs was getting back to fresh organic veggies and one of my favorite meals. My super quinoa bowl. I got to share a meal with Sally this week for lunch and she loved it! It was fun to make and pretty and yummy to eat while sharing it with someone. Which is another one of Dawn's elements to success. Have a buddy or experience this challenge with a friend or new friends. Which is why I have invited you all along with me!

I started high and then fell :( I was not totally prepared for a long busy day and so I ate a bunch of C.R.A.P. two meals this week. But I redeemed myself by getting up brushing it off thanking my body for taking care of me and took my defeated and tired ass to a late night candlelit restorative yoga class. I so needed it! I had gotten into this comfort of eating crap and coming home after long days and vegging out. Which has only made me feel worse the past few months. I stretched my body and my mind in class and found fire in my spirit through the challenge.

 As a stylist and fashion designer my job is to pretty much look good at all times. But between wedding planning and running 2 businesses and a blog, my style and beauty routine energy got lost along the way. So along with this challenge I am also challenging myself (now don't laugh or judge, I know how silly and odd this sounds) to make a habit of taking care of my skin... washing my face morning and night, wearing makeup and brushing my hair. I think we are moving so fast these days that dry shampoo, caffeine, and oversized sweaters with leggings have taken over. At least for me they have. And so my challenge is to not only makeup my face, wear lipstick (which used to be something I loved), and brush my hair... I am also finding my love for fashion again! I got so stuck in a boring rut of leggings/jeans and oversized tops for fall and winter. But I LIVE for dresses and skirts and jumpsuits. All of which I have not been wearing. For myself and myself alone, I have missed feeling sexy. 

It is amazing how connected it all is. Mind, body, spirit. Beauty, nutrition, fashion. 1 week in and I have challenge my wardrobe, totally did a grandma overhaul clean out, stocked up on superfoods, and have worn lipstick every. single. day. So although I have not gotten every day right with my nutrition, I feel like I came out on top this week spiritually and mentally. 

Next week I will be in Disney... So I expect this journey to get a little more challenging nutrition wise while there, but I just recently blogged over at Dressed in Disney, about the best vegan snacks and meals in Disney. I am looking forward to discovering more next week. So follow along on Instagram and then we will have a recap at the end of the week again!

Let me know how you are doing. Have you picked up the challenge yet? Or are you doing another detox or cleanse? Would love to hear!


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