Must Try Cruelty-Free Beauty Products


Must Try Cruelty-Free Beauty Products

Before I made the switch from regular beauty products to cruelty free products, I thought I would need to sacrifice my beauty needs in order to help save animals from the inhumane testing involved within most beauty companies. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are a lot of skincare companies that either have been cruelty-free for many years, or are now starting to make that shift. And to make things even easier, most companies that don’t test on animals have a little bunny on their product so you can know for sure that no animals were harmed in the testing of their products. So there is really no reason to compromise on your beauty needs. Woohoo! Here are three cruelty-free and AWESOME products that are a must try! 

1. Loving Tan 2 hour Express Mousse

I used to tan pretty often, until I heard one of my friends say that tanning should be illegal. While those were pretty strong words, her intent wasn’t wrong. We all know tanning beds are bad for our skin. So, I stopped using tanning beds and switched to sunless tanning. It took a lot of searching, but I finally found my favorite tanning mouse.

I use Loving Tan’s mousse once a week after exfoliating. I keep it on for 2 hours and shower afterwards. I love this mousse because it’s not streaky, doesn’t smell funky, and doesn’t break me out like other tanning lotions have in the past. The best part is that it leaves my skin looking naturally bronzed and for about a week!

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2. Lash Princess Mascara

Mascara is an essential for me. In fact, it’s usually all I wear on a daily basis. And when I actually do wear makeup, (usually just on the weekends) mascara brings it all together and is the icing on the cake. 

I’ve tried many mascaras, including ones that sold for many dollars. But this is my favorite by far! I love how full and long it makes my lashes. Plus it’s buildable, so you can add more mascara for a more dramatic look if desired. Oh and the best part about this mascara is that it’s only 5 dollars! Win!

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3. Arbonne Detox Mask

I love almost all of Arbonne’s products so it was really hard for me to land on just one product. I have tried many masks that honestly just didn’t do much for my skin. But I love this product because, like all of Arbonne’s products, it’s made with plants that truly nourish and transform your skin. 

This mask is super creamy and is made with a pink clay that literally pulls toxins out from under your skin’s surface. It’s also made with rosemary oil to hydrate the skin. I use this mask about once a week and love how clean and nourished my skin feels after. I’ve even gotten my husband to put this on his face and he loves how clear his pores feel after leaving this stuff on too! 

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There you go! Those are my top cruelty-free skincare products that are defiantly worth a try!