Dressed In Disney | TOMS X Disney, For Those Who Break Glass Ceilings In Glass Slippers


I think my favorite way to bring home the magic is with Disney shoes! They are so subtle and so easy to add to any outfit.


"A group of young women worked behind the scenes on Walt Disney’s films, adding the detail to these timeless stories. 

Inspired by these female artists, TOMS went into the Walt Disney Archives and created a unique collection featuring original character sketches." 


Disney gifted me a pair from their latest collaboration with Toms and I am so excited to help spread the word about this amazing collection.

Toms released a limited edition Cinderella collection using the original sketches from the Disney vault that the women behind the magic of Disney created. 

And what better way to bring home the magic than one for one. I love that for every purchase, Toms helps someone in need. The Cinderella collection is also vegan. It’s all my favorite things in one pair of shoes!


I must confess, I was not a huge Cinderella fan until I saw the live action version that came out in 2015.

Growing up my favorite princesses were Mulan and Pocahontas. I didn't feel I connected or related to Cinderella in any way. We had different dreams and aspirations and I had a hard time with the whole saved by a prince thing (yes as a child, marrying a prince or finding a prince was never on my mind, my dream wasn't to be a princess, but to be a warrior for doing good). I should also mention, I became a black belt at the age of 12 and second degree by 14 so Mulan was definitely my hero, especially being the only girl (once I turned 12 I got moved up and most of the students were middle aged men :p) in most of my Hapkido or Tae Kwon Do classes. 

Everything changed when I saw Cinderella in a new light and a spotlight was put on my favorite super power 'kindness'. I found myself in this Cinderella in more ways than one. Superficially, but mostly way deep down in a connection between core fundamental beliefs and values that we share. 

I cried more times than I could count as she tried to honor her mother and father and face evil on a daily basis but remain courageously kind. It took this Cinderella to give me more of an appreciation for the classic cinderella. 

I truly believe Cinderella would highly approve of these new kicks! 


It is my favorite feeling in the world when all the things I love come together: fashion, philanthropy, supporting women, vegan + cruelty-free, and  Disney.

It doesn't hurt that they are also the comfiest shoes in the world and are perfect for navigating long days in the park. They have used the cutest illustrations to create this collection. 

What are your favorites from the collection? Are you grabbing a pair or two? Make sure to tag us on insta @dressedindisney #dressedindisney so we can see how you are sharing your magic!