Our Quick And Easy Date Night Outfit Formula Perfect For First Dates, Romantic Getaways And Any Where in Between

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From first dates to romantic weekend getaways… We are going to break down the elements that make up the perfect date outfit.

When it comes to romance, we each have our own story and version of our happily ever after, but there are some questions that arise over and over again, “What should I wear on a first date?” or “How should I pack for a romantic weekend getaway?”. 

The answers are surprisingly simple. Think of it as an easy math formula. A little bit of addition and subtraction.

Whatever your style story, the building block elements remain the same.

Always keep it simple. Fit and comfort are the key to a successful romantic outfit. The last thing you should be thinking about or fussing over is how something is fitting or constant readjusting. You want your look to be timeless and easy breezy. 

Photos by Roxy Yang.

Photos by Roxy Yang.

Here are some of our favorite ways to build a signature romantic look:

A + B + C = D

A = Accessories: Keep the accessories to a minimum. 

If you have a lower neckline, add in a fuss-free statement necklace + a ring. 

If you have a higher neckline, go with a statement earring + a couple bangles. None of this should be overbearing or go overboard. Less is more.

Shoes should be where you add a bit of personality and a touch of sexy. Remember to keep them at a practical height and break them in before your date night. 

B = Bag: A practical clutch that holds all of your essentials. Depending on the type of date you are going on, make sure that your bag doesn't weigh you down. You also want a bag that holds what you need: cellphone, cc, cash, keys, breath mints, and lipstick. We prefer a clutch with a chain crossbody strap, so that we can go handsfree should we decide spur of the moment dancing, mini golfing, or a city stroll after dinner. 

C = Clothes: Your wardrobe base. We love wrap dresses because they are easy, comfortable, flattering, and most importantly, they knock out two birds with one stone. Whether you go for a pop of color or prefer neutrals, you can’t go wrong. We LOVE this blue wrap dress with a subtle floral print from Havlan & West. We have pulled the color from the floral out with the beaded statement necklace and stayed within the color story for our shoes, and threw in some woven texture for a little spice. 

Another wardrobe base combo that we love for date nights or weekend getaways are blouse tanks paired with crisp denim, topped off with a well fitting vegan leather jacket or blazer. 

Whether you opt for a dress or jeans and a tank, a great jacket is always a must for any date look. Don’t let chilly nights interrupt your dream date. This is a worthy investment piece that transitions into every aspect of your life.

Viola! A + B + C = D

D = Date Night Outfit

Keep it simple and stick to monochromatic color stories with one or two color pops in your accessories. 

Putting date night looks together is one of our favorite things to do for ourselves. Perfecting the formula takes the pressure off of what to wear, which lends to one less thing to be distracted by on a fun night with someone new or the love of your life. 

We can’t wait to see your date night looks or romantic weekend getaways!