Pacifica Beauty Has A New Line Of Quartz Crystal Infused Skin Care Products And We Put Them To The Test

Our favorite vegan + cruelty-free skin care and beauty brand Pacifica, has released a new collection and our inner crystal children are here for it!

We heard that Ulta has a wide variety of Pacifica products so we had to go check it out. We hit up the Ulta in Franklin, Tennessee this week and discovered a new full collection of crystal infused skin, beauty, bath, and fragrance.

I have been using a few of the new products for the past couple days and immediately noticed that my skin already looks brighter and more firm. The quartz crystal collection is enriched with rose quartz, watermelon, lemongrass, and aloe. It has a thicker consistency than the other cleansers and serums we have tried before and has a pretty shimmer sheen to it as well. I do not notice the shimmer on my skin, so I would not call it a glitter product, but my skin definitely feels tighter and looks like it has a nice glow. For a girl who has crystals in every room of her house and in her purse, I am so excited to use the healing benefits of quartz to nourish my skin and body.

Here are our top 4 favorites from the new line!

Photography: Krystal NG (@artokree)

Photography: Krystal NG (@artokree)


Crystal Foam Sparkling Clean Face Wash


Infused with rose quartz, watermelon, and lemongrass, these three power houses unite with aloe to bring you hydration and a refreshing boost.


Crystal Beam Foaming Facial Scrub


This crystal powered scrub action will leave you glowing and bright. Plus our favorite skin brightener and refiner, turmeric is in the mix for an all around dream facial scrub.


Gem Serum Radiant Drops

$16 | Pacifica

Rose quartz, watermelon and lemongrass come together with graceful mica to boost your skin’s aura & glow.


Energized Glow Turmeric Spice Facial Mask

$4 | Pacifica

Radiate your beautiful light with glowing skin. Pacifica's Energized Glow Turmeric Spice Facial Mask is a multi-targeted mask infused with a rainbow of plant extracts, turmeric spice, green tea and hyaluronic acid along with enzymes to fight dullness and to help boost brightness.