We Are Sharing Our 6 Favorite Places To Shop in Nashville That We Can't Wait To Get Back To

I fell in love with shopping all over again on our recent trip to Nashville/Franklin Tennessee. It has been a long time since I have had a thrill of a unique brick and mortar retail experience. Call if social stimuli overload.

I thrift a lot. I love vintage shopping and thrifting, but it has been quite awhile since I had a truly magical “new” retail experience that left me wanting to go back for more.

We definitely did not expect to go on a mini shopping spree during our visit, I was unprepared but wonderfully surprised.

We are counting down the days until our next Nashville trip and also saving up all our pennies to go back and shop our little hearts out!

It was so fun to make some meaningful purchases in a new city from cute, independently owned businesses. I am sharing my favorite boutiques we visited below:



Right in the heart of downtown Nashville, Ensemble is a cute little boutique that offers an array of mid level brands at a discount. It’s so fun to shop because they stock the shop full of limited styles from some of our favorite fashion labels. Not every size is guaranteed in every style, but thats what makes this place so great. You never know what you will find and they get regular shipments, meaning each time we went back during our trip they were putting out new items. You can find some really great gems and the staff are warm, welcoming and super pet-friendly.

I left with a cute marigold and corn flower blue sun dress, a “Nashville” necklace, a paper hat, and my favorite wildflower tee (I bought the only one they had, a size large, but I have been wearing it as a dress).

I fell in love with Posh Franklin. I didn’t want to leave. Posh has multiple locations, but each location has a unique vibe specific to the neighborhood.

My personal favorite was the boutique in Franklin. There wasn’t one item in that shop I didn’t want to buy. It was beautifully curated and again the woman working that day was inviting and informative. She gave us the low down on all things Franklin.

I left with a beautiful blue sapphire inspired ring and a heart longing to go back and shop more!



Walking through Haven was an absolute dream!

I immediately fell in love with a pair of hight-waist, satin, wide leg trousers with embroidered stars all over.

Claudia Robertson, celebrity stylist and owner of Haven Boutique, has a unique and whimsical eye for style. Each piece seems to have been so thoughtfully collected. The space itself lends to the magic. While trying on my dream pants, I was delighted to find this lovely mural (pictured here) inside the fitting room. They know how to make a girl feel good.

Although I didn’t walk away with a purchase that day, it is on my list to shop as soon as we get back for our next visit!

They also were unpacking a collection of the most beautiful headbands I have ever seen.


Oh boy! Where do I begin?

Kittenish was one of those unexpected experiences that make you feel as though you have been dropped off in wonderland.

From the moment you walk in the door, every inch of the boutique is on brand, including the retail associates dressed in cute matching pink jumpsuits.

Owned by Jessie James Decker, there is so much detail in the buildout of the space. From the giant “Nashville Stole My Heart” balloon wall, to the pink neon lights, to the beauty bar. They had a little jar of doggy treats that Clarabelle absolutely loved (although, she also successfully managed to escape the dressing room, while I was mid outfit change and I had to go running out half naked to retrieve her).

I left with a cute blazer and short set and another pink snake skin crop top and matching skirt.


Philanthropy in Franklin, was a surreal experience.

They have a beautiful chapel/prayer room in the center of the store. There are hundreds if not thousands of prayer requests that hang from all over the chapel and you can sit inside and write your own and take time to pray for someone else’s card.

Beyond the beautiful selection of brands and clothing, the space itself feels like a garden tea party in an enchanted forest. Everything you see in the boutique is for sale. From artwork to furniture, home decor, collections of coffee table books and of course fashion we love, you could easily spend a few hours alone here.

The women that work here were as unique and as beautiful as the space.

I left with a classic shirt dress that has been on my wardrobe wishlist for years.


On our last day in Nashville we hit up Brentwood for a quick shopping visit to Hemline.

I have followed Love Shack Fancy for years now and to finally be able to touch and feel and try on their beautiful designs, was so exciting! They are even better in person.

Hemline felt like they took all my favorites to follow on Instagram and created a boutique featuring all of them! I loved how each section of the store was merchandized by style aesthetic and color, it was like some of my favorite insta feeds come to life. You can shop all of the aesthetics you love in one place. They also had a huge sale going on while we were there and had racks of some of my favorite brands for more than 50% off.

By the end of trip, I had already spent my allotted budget for shopping on this mini vacay, so I can not wait to save up (a lot more) and make Hemline one of the first places to shop when we go.

Have you visited Nashville before? I’d love to know some of your favorite places to shop or visit while there! Let me know in the comments below.