MIZIZI Announces The Arrival Of It's LION KING Baseball Jersey In Collaboration With Disney For 25th Anniversary

Photographer: Kwesi Yanful (@kwesithethird), Creative Director: Temi Thomas (@temithomas_), Videographer: Immanuel Ahiable (@immanuelahaible), Models: Hailee Dyer (@haileeapplewood), Ebichi Nduka (@prxnce.jpg))

Photographer: Kwesi Yanful (@kwesithethird), Creative Director: Temi Thomas (@temithomas_), Videographer: Immanuel Ahiable (@immanuelahaible), Models: Hailee Dyer (@haileeapplewood), Ebichi Nduka (@prxnce.jpg))


Jon Favreau’s Lion King is in theaters officially tonight. The star studded cast has had us waiting with bated breath for the reenvisioned masterpiece and it is finally here. My inner child could not be more excited. I have been singing the original soundtrack songs all week in preparation. I basically lived in my favorite Lion King tee from 1994 until I outgrew it. I actually still have the tee, a pastel tie dye featuring Simba and Nala on the front. That being said, Disney has collaborated with some amazing artists and designers 25 years later, and we are here to share one of our favorites with you today!

MIZIZI announces the arrival of its LION KING Baseball Jersey in collaboration with Disney and in light of the 25th anniversary of the historic movie. This design was created by Kenneth William Obeng (@kwesioben), creative directed by Temi Thomas (@temithomas_) and captured by photographer Paa Kwesi Yanful (@kwesithethird).

MIZIZI International, is an African streetwear brand that lives to authentically reconnect members of the Diaspora. Their sole mission is to highlight the beauty and boundless reach of the African continent by creating jerseys that represent Africa’s descendants in a way that’s stylish, intentional, and authentic.

Check out the jersey details below.

MIZIZI lion king 4.jpg

The jersey displays a subtle tribal pattern print with both brands across the front. A Rafiki silhouette is drawn across the bottom, wrapping around the jersey. A royal band is shown on the left sleeve and on the back is the brand name with the year 1994 written below to commemorate Lion King’s release year. This jersey is 100% polyester fabric with full sublimation printing giving you the comfiest experience.

MIZIZI, meaning “roots” in Swahili is a lifestyle brand that embodies the spirit and strength of its African ancestors. Founded in 2015 and inspired by various cultures revolving around African roots, our limited, exclusive collections have always been designed with our values in mind: connection and representation.

I already have plans to style mine with a black tulle, tea length skirt, and a new pair of black, vegan leather, studded heels. How would you style yours? Let me know below in the comments!

The Lion King jersey is here just in time to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the movie and premiere of its live action remake. Don’t wait till the jersey is out of stock. Shop now to get this jersey, exclusive to MIZIZI International! #MIZIZIxLIONKING #StayRooted

You can shop these jerseys today, July 18, 2019 at 3PM CST/4PM EST.