Over The Weekend We Visited The Butterflies And Blooms Exhibit At Chicago Botanic Garden

Butterflies (blue butterflies to be specific) have been my spirit guide for over the past 6 years now. They have followed me and shown up in areas of my life bringing me hope, courage, inspiration, and joy throughout many of my life events. This summer we became members of the Chicago Botanical Garden and on Wednesday’s members get free access to the butterflies and blooms exhibit that they host each year.

I had friends in from out of town and decided to take them for a visit while they were here. Our first stop of the day at the gardens, was the butterfly exhibit.

I never thought in my life I would get the opportunity to see a blue morpho in person. I thought I would have to wait until my afterlife to get to see them, but while in the tent, something absolutely magical happened. A blue morpho landed on me and stayed there for over 30 minutes, completely content to remain longer. Not only did a blue morpho landed on me, but about 5 other species landed on me and at one point I basically looked like a landing pad for all the butterflies there.



The gentleman in the exhibit told us that butterflies see florescent molecules much like a black light. I am assuming that with my newly bleached, white blonde hair, I became a beam of all things florescent to them. Or maybe, just maybe, they vibed with my flow and new they were my guides! Who knows?

The gardens have been a place I love to retreat to and relax and wander. There is always something new going on, and always a quiet place to get away and let your mind be free while surrounded by true beauty in nature.

I highly recommend a visit whether you are a local in Chicago or visiting from out of town. We were told Sundasy’s are the busiest days of the week, so if you want to avoid the crowds make sure to go any other day of the week!

Details for the Butterflies and Blooms exhibit are below:

MAY 25 – SEPTEMBER 2, 2019

Butterflies & Blooms is a butterfly exhibition where visitors can immerse themselves in a habitat filled with hundreds of live butterflies. This exhibition is filled with species native to South America, Asia, North America, and Africa, as well as those native to Illinois.

The 2,800-square-foot white mesh enclosure is located on the Regenstein Learning Campus.