One Of Our Editors Has Got The Deets On The Top US Cities To Find Love And What To Look For When You Are Looking

Relocation doesn’t always have to be related to selling homes and switching jobs. Often, single people look for a change of environment and more chances to find true love. Some cities have proved to be great for dating as they have amazing nightlife and daytime entertainment options. That’s why we have made a list of best US cities to find love this year, so if you are thinking of traveling or moving, be sure to check it out. 

Photography by Taylor Hernandez.

Photography by Taylor Hernandez.

How to decide if a city is dating-friendly?

Photography by Suzanne Emily O’Conner.

Photography by Suzanne Emily O’Conner.

There are a couple of factors that prove that a city is good for single people. The first one is job opportunities. Young, single people want to have a job, which is also one of the ways to find love. Next are nightlife and entertainment options. These include clubs, restaurants, museums, cafes, etc. Also, a city needs to offer both affordable and expensive dating options, for all sorts of financial statuses. Basically, a city needs to be “dating friendly” to be attractive to single people. 


Atlanta is currently at the top of the list of the best US cities to find love this year. One of the reasons for it is dating affordability. To have a date with someone you don’t need to break the bank, as there are many dating locations and options. Atlanta has a lot of single residents, which makes it easy to meet and date. To get some dating inspiration in Atlanta, check out our Valentine’s Day ideas for single people and think of the way to celebrate.


Denver belongs to the list of best US cities to find love this year because it gives a variety of options to meet and date someone. Also, there’s a significant number of single people living here, which is a great advantage if you are single. Apart from taking your partner to a restaurant, there are plenty of other places where you can have a date. These include exciting Denver escape rooms, delicious ice cream shops, bowling, visiting a brewery, etc. Luckily, Denver offers so many options to have fun, so you won’t run out of ideas to take your loved one on a date.

San Francisco

San Francisco earns the title of one of the best US cities to find love year after year. One of the reasons why there are a lot of single people in San Francisco is that everybody is traveling a lot, and there are a lot of foreigners and travelers in the city. However, that can be an advantage, too – with so many people going in and out of the city, there are more chances to find someone you like. And maybe move together, right? Besides that, summertime in San Francisco is a great time to meet someone – there’s a lot to do, and most people are in the city. Furthermore, the single people of San Francisco really enjoy using dating apps, so be sure to check some out if you want to find love here.  


Austin is one of those cities that are so dynamic and exciting that single people enjoy their dating life here. Single people generally choose one of these neighborhoods – Downtown, Old West Austin, North of UT and South Congress. Each of these is attractive to people who are ready to go out, take a walk around the neighborhood, and enjoy numerous amenities this city has to offer. 

Photography by    frank mckenna   .

Photography by frank mckenna.

How to increase your chances of finding love this year

Move to a new city

The first step to finding love – move to one of the best Us cities to find love. Love won’t happen just like that. You need to go for it. The first step you should take is relocating to a dating-friendly place. So, if you decide to move out of Orlando to one of the ‘love cities’, be sure to do it wisely and save yourself as much time and energy as possible. Hire professional movers who can handle your relocation with ease, so you can focus on other things like getting to know your new home and meeting new people. 

Next – mingle 

Once you are all set up in your new home, don’t just sit there and wait for the love of your life to knock on your door. Go out and visit some of the local cafes, restaurants, ask your old friends to come and visit you so you can go out together, etc. Be sure to spend your free time outside and actually have a chance to meet someone you like. Enjoy picking dating outfits, meeting someone new and visiting new places with them.

Join the gym 

Exercising is the perfect excuse to go to the gym alone and have a chance to meet someone. Also, you’ll show that you care about your health and looks, which will make you more attractive in the eyes of other singles in the city.

Sign up for a course

Meeting someone new is easy if you join a club or sign up to learn a new skill or language. As you probably have more free time now, being new in the city, think about the skills you’ve always wanted to learn. Go and improve yourself while having the chance to find love.

Don’t forget the web

As we mentioned, singles in some cities love online dating.  Nowadays, online dating apps help you introduce yourself to someone and chat a bit before you actually agree to meet. It’s a great time-saver as you will be going out with someone you really liked chatting with. 

Photography by Huy Phan.

Photography by Huy Phan.

 Stay positive 

It’s okay to have a couple of unsuccessful dates and relationships. It’s a part of the dating process most people go through. However, when you move to one of the best US cities to find love – you need to stay optimistic and give yourself the chance to use that advantage. And most importantly – enjoy the dating period of your life. It’s a beautiful way to have fun while looking for someone to share your life with.