TEA TIME CHATTER | Atelier Minyon + Alp Sagnak

Luxury Gone Wild

As my mother and I stroll down the streets of SoHo, I notice a window display that completely stands apart from the rest and catches my eye. I see windows filled with one of a kind gold snakes, skulls wearing rose gold crowns, with ruby and emerald eyes, diamond encrusted angel wings and dragons. Black diamond rings and collar pieces, ancient royals would be envious of. I look to my mom and ask if we can take some time and go in to look around; she nods yes and we walk inside. It seems, we have stepped into a different world. A world, I have always longed to be a part of! We are honored to be greeted by, Alp Sagnak, the creative mastermind of Atelier Minyon, himself. Alp takes time to talk to and share his world with us. It is clear he has a passion for his art and it is apparent in the craftsmanship of his jewelry. Alp has an A-List following: Brooke Shields, Katy Perry, Russell Brand, Christina Aguilera, Nick Jonas, the list continues, his pieces can be seen not only on celebrities gracing the red carpet, but also in the personal lives of these celebrities. His pieces are more than just jewelry, they are pieces that represent your soul. 

“Luxury Gone Wild”… Powerful and to the point. That is the motto behind Atelier Minyon. -Alp

Having studied industrial engineering, and observing his father in his jewelry shop, Alp created his first piece while studying in college. He was “forced” into it. His friend needed a piece of jewelry for his girlfriend and “he did not know what to give her”. Alp recalls it fondly saying, “It sounds silly now,  but we wrote her name in silver, as a key chain for her car.  We were so proud of it back at the time”.  

Alp generously shared advice and encouragement for young artists and entrepreneurs. Sharing with us, the importance of “knowing one’s competition” and appreciating experiences, and where you are at because of them. Saying, “When it is the winter season, you wish for the summer season. The grass always seems greener on the other side”. 

You need to be able to find your own rhythm with what you do. Each person is unique, so it has to be their product that represents their uniqueness.


As we get to know a more personal side of Alp, we learn about his favorite childhood memory… Spiderman! And his love for London; and Iskender, a Turkish food he has had best in the city of Bursa, Turkey.

London is the most colorful and unique city I have ever been to.”

We get an inside scoop on some of the work he is currently creating:

“I have multiple pieces I am working on right now. One collection is about the different types of Astrolabes. Another is is about caging systems. I’m also in the middle of a collar necklace right now, I’m very excited for it." 

Unique. Clearly Alp has no fear of stepping out of the "norm”, to create pieces that reflect not only his uniqueness, but others as well. 

We so look forward to having Alp and Atelier Minyon visit us, at our new SARAROSE boutique, at 67 E. Oak Street! Truly one of a kind pieces of art, that represent your soul and self; that are so finely crafted! Stay tuned for upcoming trunk shows on our facebook page.

Alp leaves us with final words of inspiration and encouragement that we ABSOLUTELY love! 

Embrace your shadow or it will kill you!!! - ALP SAGNAK