TEA TIME CHATTER | Michael Barkin + Trunk Club

(photos curtosy of Trunk Club) 

A MAJOR COLLABORATION between Trunk Club and Nordstrom’s is shaking up the retail industry, here’s our TBT and Tea Time Chatter with Michael Barkin of Trunk Club!

Hey Fellas, Trunk Club just made your shopping world so much easier. Trunk Club is a personalized clothing service for men, offering designer clothing and accessories without any of the hassles of shopping in stores or online. How to join the club? Sign up on TrunkClub.com or through their new mobile app and tell Trunk Club a little more about your personal style, types of clothes you are interested in and fit and size preferences. A personal stylist follows up with a quick call or email and handpicks a carefully curated selection of clothes that are shipped directly to your door! Trunk Club members only pay for what they keep and send the rest back with a pre-paid shipping label. Shipping is free and there are no fees. Now that is what we call convenience at it’s finest.

Time to chatter! Trunk Club’s Michael Barkin, the Senior Director of Sales, and the main man who produced a team of expert stylists focusing on simply making men look good, talked more deets about Trunk Club.

Tea Time Chatter: What inspired you to join Trunk Club?
Michael Barkin: When I joined Trunk Club, we didn’t yet have a sales team and it was an opportunity to join CEO Brian Spaly and learn how to scale a business from a proven entrepreneur.  I had a healthy amount of industry experience and was looking for a chance to do something challenging and potentially very rewarding.  More than anything, it was the passion and vision that the four other guys in the company shared in making a go of this (seemingly) great idea that inspired me to come on board.

TTC: What is Trunk Club’s goal for men fashion?
MB: We operate under the context that all men appreciate looking good but absolutely loathe the process that it takes to pull it off.  Our goal for each of our members is to take the need to visit stores and shop off of their plate and provide them with a result that they truly enjoy.  We aren’t concerned with promoting runway looks or high fashion. Instead, we focus on dressing the guy who likes to wear well-fitted clothing that reflects his lifestyle. It’s more of a timeless approach to style.

TTC: Tell us about the Trunk Club Team!
MB: Our team is absolutely incredible across every division.  We spend a ton of time making sure that the people we hire are the right cultural fit for the kind of business we are trying to build.  I am really proud of the fact that we’ve brought over 150 people together from all walks of life to collaboratively go after this idea. I also truly value that we are doing something potentially disruptive to an industry that’s been the same forever.  How often in life do you get a chance to say that?  I’m not sure it’ll happen again for me so I’m making the most of this golden moment.

TTC: How does Trunk Club decide on the clothing it offers?
MB: We have an extremely talented VP of Product named Jason Smith.  Jason spends most of his time trying to find unique/hard-to-find brands with a great value proposition so that we can offer their products to our clients.  He has a great eye for what men want with clothing, and for the types of products that we know our guys will appreciate.   Industry trends don’t really influence his buying choices, it’s more about sourcing product that will be in our client’s closet for a long time.

TTC: Fashion Do’s for men?
MB: Just embrace the idea of caring about your appearance.  Whether you want to or not, you’re making an impression, by way of clothing, on everyone you meet each day. The question is, what kind of impression are you making and it is the one you want to be making?

Trunk Club recently launched their first mobile app, making it easier for guys to connect with their stylists. Don’t slack on this gentlemen! Download the app here now!