We Gave Up Q-Tips And Tried Those Re-Usable Zero Waste All In One Ear Cleaners

About a year ago I saw an ad online for re-usable q-tips.

It took me about 7 months to finally cave in and give them a try. I was initially skeptical, but as I have been on a major zero waste transition in our home, and as I got down to the last q-tip in our supply, I decided that there was no better time to give the Utilitytip a try.

I found our set on Amazon for $12.67 for 2 cleaners (one white and one blue). I have linked them below.

They are a lot harder then I thought they would be, and maybe that is just the brand that I purchased. I will say they have softened up, a few months in. The first time I used them I went a little too deep and hurt my ear, but I have now learned how to best use them (gently twist the wand as you slowly move in a circular motion in your ear). I have also found that right after a shower, is the easiest time to use them.

It takes a bit of getting used to, but I love that I no longer have to purchase q-tips and its much easier to travel with my little wand.

The beautiful thing about going zero waste is no longer having to keep inventory or running out of something because you forgot to add it to your cart. Long term you also end up saving money, which feels good too.


The all in one ear cleaner set we purchased can be found for $12.67 (2 pack), on Amazon.