What's In The Fall Makeup Box From Vegan Cuts, Plus The Perfect Autumn Red Lip

One of our favorite things about Vegan Cuts is learning about new vegan brands each month.

We have been enjoying their monthly beauty boxes, so when they reached out to us and asked if we wanted to try one of their quarterly makeup boxes we were excited to see what they had in store.

The box included 4 items + a bonus makeup bag from MOTD Cosmetics.

I have to say, the lip crayon from Axiology is definitely my favorite item in the box. It is the perfect shade of an orangey autumn red that compliments most skin tones beautifully. I have been wearing it daily since I unboxed it. It moisturizes and lasts quite a long time for a product that is not marketed as long wear lip color.

The Manna Kadar brow trio kit has 3 lovely shade to customize your brow and highlight your brow bone and arch. I love that the highlighter is in the brow kit and essentially eliminates the need for a separate item.

I have never been good at using color correcting kits, but the Aesthetica color correcting concealer is dummy proof and provides clear instructions on which color to use for each problem area. It is even labeled right on the product itself, so if you are like me and lose loose paper easily, you always have a guide.

The pore minimizing finishing powder pump is taking a little getting used to for me. I have not used a powder that pumps and so I am still getting the hang of it and hope to figure out how to use it soon. If you have tips or recommendations send them my way please in the comments below! I would greatly appreciate it.

Prices for the quarterly Vegan Cuts Makeup Box are $39.95 USD/a quarter or $150 USD annually for 4 boxes.

Shop the quarterly Vegan Cuts Makeup Box here. 100% Vegan. !00% Cruelty-Free.

  1. Axiology


Lip Crayon | Keen


2. Manna Kadar


Brow Trio


3. Aesthetica


Color Correcting Concealer


4. Au Naturale


Pore Minimzing Finishing Powder