Madasen's Style Challenge | Pin Collections, Boho Queens, and Disney Meets Business Casual

Hi Mouse Babes, Madasen here! Happy September and welcome to another Style Challenge Post! Today I am going to be showcasing all the style challenges from July and August wrapped up in one post!

Incase you don’t know what my style challenges are, here’s a little background. Twice a month, I challenge with someone else in the Disney Instagram community to showcase their unique sense of fashion while sticking to a specific theme. The challenges provide opportunities to see all the amazing wonderful faces in the community, as well as fun different ways to wear certain trends or pieces that maybe you may not have thought of before.

For the first challenge of July, I teamed up with Jill from @disneygirlbeauty to show our different takes on styling Disney pins! I have been collecting pins for years and they either sit in a bag or on a corkboard. Disney makes so many cool, fun pins that it only makes sense to incorporate them into your wardrobe.  Jill and I both have a passion for pins so this challenge made perfect sense. She decided to wear hers on her shorts, adding the perfect pops of color to complete her outfit.


I decided to go a little edgier with my pin look (shocking, I know haha) and put a bunch of pins on a structured jacket I found in the H&M sale section. I have so many pins it was so hard to choose! I eventually decided on a layout based on size with a mix of small shop and Disney official pins.


Miss Dressed In Disney herself was the second challenger of July, and I have to say she definitely forced me out of my comfort zone the most out of any challenge I’ve done so far. She is a true Boho queen and I am not! So when Sara asked me if we could do a bohemian Disney style challenge, I was really excited. Sara went for a Pirates of the Caribbean inspired look, and obviously killed it!


For my boho look I took inspiration from my favorite new Disney Pixar movie: Coco. My look is inspired by the infamous Ernesto De La Cruz and his flamboyant taste.


Next up we have August! My good friend Emily from @thedisneystylist, joined me for the first challenge of the month: vintage Mickey T-shirt! Emily and I both have a passion for more elevated style so I already knew this challenge was going to be a favorite of mine. Emily killed it with a fun twist on business casual and put it over the top with a chic slicked back hairstyle.


I am an oversized tee kind of girl so when I found this longer vintage tee (which I think was a nightgown haha) at a thrift store I had to have it and style it! I added a star choker and a cropped denim button down to complete the look.


Last and most certainly not least was the style challenge I shot in Walt Disney World with my two best friends from my college program. Andie (@andieusseglio) and Lexi (@lexxiperez) were the main reason I made it through the program with my sanity and I love them so much! We had a little reunion and decided to pay homage to our old parking costumes for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. It was so fun taking our old costumes that we hated way back when, and turn the “banana suit” into something we would not just wear but rock with style. I give you: The Parking Baddies


Here is my take on parking, but make it fashion:


If you made it this far, I applaud you! I know this was a long one! Make sure to follow me @madasen_ on Instagram to see the challenges in real time, and all of the amazing ladies above. The next couple months are filled with so many exciting new challenges and I can’t wait for you to see them all! Also if you recreate any of these or past challenges, use the hashtag #MadasensStyleChallenge and tag me to be featured on my page!