The Fashion Rule We Never Follow, One Editor Shares How She Breaks The "No White After Labor Day" Rule

Lindsay Johnson (left), Grace Peil (right), founders of  ‘I Think, I Feel’ .

Lindsay Johnson (left), Grace Peil (right), founders of ‘I Think, I Feel’.


I remember hearing this rule almost as a joke growing up. “Oops. I’m wearing white after Labor Day!” Being native to Florida, I’ve never really seen people give up this cooling color in their daily go-to outfits. After all, it is the sunshine state. Have you tried to wear black in 90 degree weather? Not pretty. On the contrary, when I moved the Denver, I noticed people took this more seriously- I didn’t get it.  

Why would you give up such a versatile color just to follow an outdated fashion rule?  

So, I’ve never given up the white pieces in my wardrobe, and I don’t think you should either. To aid in your transition to being a style rebel, here are some lovely white transitional pieces that will pair well with this season’s fall essentials. 




Do you regularly wear white after Labor Day? Leave a comment below!