Indie Folk Rock Artist Jillian Speece Hosts Her First Wild Wondrous Women Weekend

All photography by Mae Stier.

All photography by Mae Stier.

Indie Folk artist Jillian Speece, hosted her first Wild Wondrous Women weekend, this past July.

The weekend, a project two years in the making, was something Jillian was initially hesitant. The whole idea came about after a friend mentioned she had a vision of Speece leading a dreamy spiritual retreat.

Jillian wanted to create a safe space for women to be uplifted, encouraged, and relaxed. Two key ingredients to the weekend were creating a plant-based and technology-free foundation.

One of the biggest takeaways that Jillian hoped her attendees would glean from this experience was removing blocks that were potentially limiting the women from living their dreams.


Serendipitously, the weekend took place during a full moon while Mercury was in retrograde.

Guests agreed prior to arrival and prepared for weeks leading up to the retreat, that they would spend the weekend free from their phones. When guests arrived, they were asked to place all of their digital devices in a lockbox that was decorated to look like a treasure chest.

This hit an emotional chord with many of the attendees. However, by the time the weekend concluded, many did not want their phones back.

Open hearts came together in a broken world to heal.

Each day was curated around the theme of the weekend. The first day was focused around what it means to be wild. The second day was centered around seeing the wondrous, and the third day was all about what it means to be a woman.

Activities included yoga, curated meals, hiking, bonfires, and creative workshops.

At dinner the women were asked a question in order to set the intention. One of the questions, was, “whom has had the most impact on the woman you are today?”. Some women were there with the woman who inspired their journey. Tears were shed, love was shared and hearts were enveloped. This environment fostered a space in which the women united as sisters, helped one another discovered just how worthy and loved they are.

We are looking forward to attending the next Wild Wondrous Women weekend! Jillian is already working on the next weekend and will announce a date for July 2019.

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The Bergamot, are husband and wife Nathaniel Hoff and Jillian Speece. Check out their latest project and find their music here!