Renowned Bryn Mawr Breakfast Club Owner Opens New Bakery In Chicago's North Park Neighborhood

**Update 2/08.19: Bryn Mawr Breakfast Club is back to its original location, the bakery is expected to re-open in the next several weeks.

*Update 1/26/19: A couple weeks ago (early 2019), Bryn Mawr Bakery suffered a fire. Bryn Mawr Breakfast Club is still serving breakfast and brunch at their sister restaurant down the street Big Hill Bar and Grill.

Chef and owner of renowned local brunch hotspot Bryn Mawr Breakfast Club, Manny Mejia, has opened his third eatery in the North Park Neighborhood. From brunch to bar, Mejia has now added bakery to his reign on Bryn Mawr Avenue.

The Bryn Mawr Breakfast Club Bakery is fully stocked with delicious fresh baked pastries and sweets and has a full coffee menu including nitro lattes and cortados. Milk alternatives are available upon request.


Earlier this year Manny opened Big Hill Bar and Grill a block east of BMBC and the new BMBCB. Big Hill Bar and Grill serves up full flavors, innovative ideas and perfectly executed dishes every time. They create delicious seasonal drinks and have an extended vegetarian menu including a delicious grilled vegetable plate, house-made hummus, and house-made veggie burger.

Manny and interior designer Daniel Malone, create ambient spaces where no detail is left undone. Each space offers a relaxing, unique experience that the owner of Bryn Mawr Breakfast Club has become known for.


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