We've Got You Covered On What To Wear To Disney When Its 100 Degrees And Climbing

Tees + Button Down + Dress C/O:    Cakeworthy

Tees + Button Down + Dress C/O: Cakeworthy

When its hotter than hades out and humidity is full blown in affect, it can be challenging to put together cute outfits for your summer trips to Disney. We connected with a few Disney locals and repeat visitors to figure what actually works for Florida summers.

You are fighting a few elements when it comes to staying cool and protecting your skin from the hot sun rays beating down, and then there are the daily rain showers to look out for (you can find the cutest Disney ponchos at the local Disney World Walmart and for suuuper cheap too, keep one of these in your bag at all times).


Denim is every girls Disney staple. Cotton is one of the best fibers you can wear when high heat temps hit triple digits daily.  

Cut off denim is an easy way to absorb sweat (I know not so chic, but let be real here). Long loose denim is also great for protecting your skin from harsh rays during long park days. 

Keep things light. The best thing about these Cakeworthy tees, is that you can have a spare rolled in your bag should you need to swap out mid day. Trust me, having a clean spare tee around while hanging in the parks is a godsend. 

Lightweight trousers are super chic and also protect from strong UV rays throughout the day. They also are great for transitioning from day to night. When the temps start to cool off. 


Super trendy but this is a trend built on necessity. The locals here know that a battery operated fan in a must for staying cool throughout the day. You can buy cute Disney ones in the parks, but a local secret is shopping them much cheaper on Amazon


Skirts and dresses are my personal favorite ways to stay cool and look chic in the parks. 

They are so easy and make packing a cinch. I love this all over Mickey print from Cakeworthy. They also have a Minnie version in pink. It is lightweight and breezy and is perfect for a no fuss look for an entire day. 

Dressing for Disney during summer months is all about practicality, but practicality can still be super cute. This was probably the most effortless packing experience for any trip thus far. I have so been into simple classic looks that utilize standout pieces with great technical properties. I stopped over complicating things this year and it has made my trips that much more fun.

Are you headed to the Disney Parks soon? Have questions? Send them over, we would love to help. In the mean time, make your way over to Cakeworthy and check out all these adorable pieces and more from their Summer 18' collection. 


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