Creating That Perfect Spring-Summer Transition Outfit With A Few Wardrobe Staple Styles

Sweet summer time... honestly for me, one of the hardest seasons to dress for. I am such a lover for fall clothes + layering so when summer rolls around it’s always a challenge to pull it together.

I feel like we all go through that awkward stage of jeans to shorts, exposing our feet once’s again + swapping out layers for bikinis. That’s a lot of changes that can sometimes really mess up your everyday fashion flow.

photo credit: @planningforparadiseliterally

photo credit: @planningforparadiseliterally

Here are some key summer wardrobe pieces that have helped me transition into summer feeling fab: 

  1. A good distressed longline denim jacket. Go for length this summer.

  2. A basket bag. Zara has some super rad ones + they can really summer up an outfit.

  3. T-shirt Dress or tank. The perfect simple piece to pair up with any of the above + something you’ll find yourself throwing on daily.

  4. Sneaks. Either a pair of adidas originals or if you like splurge (check out golden goose brand). Wear them with a floral dress or your fav pair of denim shorts. Anything goes. It’s summer after all!

  5. Last, invest in a fun floral dress. I am currently into the fitted + OTS style but there are so many options out there.

photo credit: @planningforparadiseliterally

photo credit: @planningforparadiseliterally

Happy summer,

Xo - Paradise