Our Favorite Places To Donate And Support During #GIVINGTUESDAY And Throughout The Year

We are fortunate enough to not need anything this Black Friday or Cyber Monday. To be honest, I have never gone shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. It terrifies me. I hope I don’t offend anyone, but it seems so contradictory to celebrate a day of gratitude and thanks and then follow it up with binge shopping.

What I can get on board with however, is #givingtuesday.

Instead of putting together a list of BF or CM deals, I wanted to put together a list of our favorite charities to support throughout the year but especially during the holidays. These are all organizations that we truly believe in and love supporting. We are so grateful for the work that they do every day of every year, to insure a better tomorrow for our planet and all of its inhabitants.

I would love to know about organizations that you care about! Share them in the comments below!

World Vision

I have been raising funds and supporting World Vision for over 15 years now! I was just a young teenager when I was first introduced to the organization and was eager to get involved with their work. We have organized fundraising events and participated in their donation campaigns throughout the years. When I was in high school and college, I started gifting my loved ones with World Vision’s gifting program. With their gifting program you can sponsor a child or buy supplies for families or communities in honor of your loved ones. For more information or to shop their gifting catalog, click here.

World Vision has been caring for children, families, and communities around the world for over 65 years. You can learn more about their history here, and you can also research the transparency and numbers behind it all on one of my favorite charity tools Charity Navigator.

Some of the work  World Vision  was able to accomplish in 2017 from donations around the globe.

Some of the work World Vision was able to accomplish in 2017 from donations around the globe.

If you donate today during #givingtuesday, World Vision has a live matching program for each gift donated.

Any gift given to World Vision on Giving Tuesday, November 27, will be matched with a donation of product, up to $2 million, from Thirty-One Gifts— helping families around the world with items to keep babies warm, deliver medical supplies, and keep girls in school.

Find out more about how World Vision helps strengthen communities  here .

Find out more about how World Vision helps strengthen communities here.

Ocean Conservancy

SARAROSE and our sister company Stix and Roses, have been supporting Ocean Conservancy since 2012. Ocean conservation is our main focus throughout the year. If our oceans aren’t healthy we can not survive. We are so proud of the work that Ocean Conservancy does to research, develop, and implement practices that promote the health of our most vital resource.

Founded in 1972, Ocean Conservancy promotes healthy and diverse ocean ecosystems and opposes practices that threaten ocean life and human life. Through research, education, and science-based advocacy, Ocean Conservancy informs, inspires, and empowers people to speak and act on behalf of the oceans. In all its work, Ocean Conservancy strives to be the world's foremost advocate for the oceans.

Find out more about Ocean Conservancy programs here. You can also find them on Charity Navigator.

Protect Our Ocean on Giving Tuesday

Triple Your Donation

What an incredible day for all of humanity to join together and give to causes that dramatically impact our lives. What could be more important than showing our ocean some love? All of us depend on our ocean for water and breath, not to mention the awe and wonder we find at its shores. It gives generously to us. Let's give back to protect vital marine ecosystems and keep our ocean thriving for all to enjoy.


Veterans Empowered To Protect African Wildlife

The goal of Veterans Empowered to Protect African Wildlife is to help end the African poaching crisis and conserve endangered species. We do this by utilizing the unrivaled skills and experience of post-9/11 U.S. veterans to train park rangers and support their communities.

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 9.34.29 AM.png

VETPAW are like the Avengers but IRL. I am so grateful to Ryan Tate and to those who serve and work to end horrific wildlife poaching. The time is running out for us to bring an iconic African species back from the brink of extinction, but you can help by supporting these guys and the work they do to devalue ivory and protect rhinos and elephants from poaching.

This is an organization that not only helps protect endangered wildlife, it is a place where those who have served and fought for our country can find a place to utilize their skills and service when they re-enter civilian life.

Learn more about VETPAW here.

MORE Great Organizations We Love:

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 10.06.11 AM.png

Mercy For Animals

Mercy For Animals believes that a humane society is possible. We are committed to reducing the greatest amount of suffering for the largest number of animals. Our efforts focus on protecting farmed animals—the most abused and exploited animals on the planet—and utilize a broad range of strategic approaches that seek to expose cruelty, prosecute abusers, and inspire consumers to make compassionate food choices.

Common Pantry

Healthy food and support for a strong community.

In 2017, Common Pantry celebrated five decades of providing emergency food and social services to our neighbors in need.

Chicago Canine Rescue

Ever wonder what happens to shelter dogs that are not perfect, are considered too young, too old, too sick or who have special needs? Or those who are simply out of time and options, overlooked by potential adopters?

Chicago Canine Rescue Foundation exists to give many of these animals a second chance at a forever family. We love the underdog!