Top 5 Hats for Sunny Destinations


It is the hat edition for sunny destination travels.

To say I have a love affair with vintage straw hats would be a major understatement. Well hats in general I guess. It seems that I can't travel without bringing back some new hat from a new destination. I have literally made a wall in my office dedicated to my collection of travel hats. 

My latest addition is a straw visor from Tulum that I can't get enough of. 

It was perfect for hiking the ruins and walking the beaches of Quintana Roo. I bought it at a little shop on the side of the road and it has become one of my most prized possessions.

Here are my top 5 favorites styles of hats to travel with preferably made from straw:

1. The Wide Brimmed Floppy Hat

2. Panama Hat

3. Fedora

4. Visor

5. Baseball hat

I have been loving mixing and matching colors and prints. One of my favorite vintage hats is a black straw Panama hat with gold metallic stripes woven around the base. Another way to spice up your straw hats is by wrapping scarfs around the base. This is fun because you can literally change the look of your hat for every outfit and scarves take up like zero room in your suitcase or can be tied to the handle of your bag during travel. One last fun way to change up the look of a traditional hat, is by layering head wraps underneath your hat. You get a peak of pattern or a pop of color that adds a dash of glamour to your look.

What are your favorite style hats for travel? Are you over the "lettering" trend or do you think its still a must for showcasing you vacay enthusiasm? Let me know!