Vegan Shoe Guide | 2018


Looking for vegan shoes that are creating trends instead of following them? These are my absolute favorite dedicated vegan footwear brands that want to push fashion boundaries, for us animal loving fashionistas. When I first started designing vegan fashion 10 years ago... there was NOTHING (at least nothing that looked good). Today, it is so easy to go vegan and remain true to your fashion core. There are literally no excuses to still be wearing animal skins and furs. 

Beyond Skin


Mink  | Custom Design your own vegan shoes

Stella McCartney

Von D Shoes | Coming Soon


Bc Footwear

Moon Boot 

Fashionista looking for a little more everyday budget friendly options? I find tons of great vegan shoes at Target! Not all Target shoes are vegan and unfortunately more and more budget brands are using leather (note to Target, XXI, Zara, & H&M, your shoes don't need to be leather... they were awesome the way they were, manmade materials and all). Here is an easy guide to reading the labels in shoes. Some shoes list the materials inside the shoe, but they can be hard to read or find, so look for the sticker or imprint on the bottom of the shoe and look for these guys:

If you want to stay away from animal skins and furs, stay clear of any shoe that has the bear skin rug looking symbols on them. Stick to the textile and other material symbols. Have questions? Feel free to message me! I will do my best to help.

Do you have vegan favorites? I am always looking for more brands and vegan hotspots! Let me know.