Lost in the Crystal Gardens | Snow White X Harveys

OUTFIT DETAILS C/O: Dress (See similar dress here Free People), Snow White Bag (Harveys), Shoes (Second Hand Steve Madden), Chocker (Target), Ring (Paul Miller Dezigns)


One of my favorite places to sit and hang out and talk or read, is at the Crystal Gardens at Navy Pier. 

The shooting water fountains and the tall palm trees, it is a hidden tropical oasis, in an urban winter city!

I have so many childhood memories here. Just last year one of my favorite memories was created. My mom and I went to hang out for a few hours at Navy Pier, we got our favorite roasted almonds, walked through the stained glass exhibit, and sat in the gardens. It was one of those days that will forever remain a favorite.

Currently, Navy Pier is under quite a bit of construction, but the Crystal Gardens are still a quiet wonderland escape on cold dreary days. Roxy and I went to hang out for a bit and check it out right before Christmas, it makes the perfect backdrop for photos. Roxy had just shot a wedding there and suggested it as a good spot for upcoming looks. I was excited to shoot in a place that held so many memories. 

Another favorite memory from childhood? Snow White. Snow White was my favorite princess as a child. This February, Disney is celebrating the 80th anniversary of Snow White and a lot of fashion brands have been releasing beautiful Snow White collections. One of my go to vegan handbag companies, Harvey's, released their SW collection this past December in honor of the celebration.

The background of Harvey's is a pretty cool story! One we will be sharing in an upcoming Tea Time Chatter feature, so make sure to check it out. 

A piece that really stood out from the collection, is the Story Book bag. A bit different from their traditional seat belt bags, this piece was designed to look just like a classic fairy tale book. I have received so many compliments and questions in regards to this bag. It is definitely a statement piece and a conversation starter. I also love that it, of course, is such a fun way to bring Disney into my every day life (if you don't already know... I am a bit Disney obsessed (check out @dressedindisney or dressedindisney.com). 

But I felt as though I could find Snow White's spirit in the Crystal Gardens. It is a magical place, with wishing wells around every bend. I made a few wishes for the new year! One of them might possibly have been that I wouldn't mind being lost in the Crystal Gardens for awhile. 

Have you been to the Crystal Gardens? Are you a Disney fan? Let me now some of your favorite places to go and childhood memories that you will cherish forever! Make sure to tag me on insta @sararoseontheroad or comment to share :)