OUTFIT DETAILS C/O: pants (Rokkelle by Ellie Rokkas), sweatshirt (YFB), headscarf (Rokkelle by Ellie Rokkas), boots (see similar here), belt bag (HFS Collective)


It’s been a fascinating season of conversations at Sararose.

So many interesting people have walked through our doors this summer and fall. Coming from all different walks of life and different business, travel and personal pursuits . . . Ellie Rokkas, is one young woman we met. She is an artist, with a vision for fashion and the arts @rokkelle fusing the two and creating art in movement.

Ellie is from Greece and visited with her aunt from nyc.

She’s created these beautiful designs that are inspired of her love for art. Take a closer look . . .  

Rokkelle fuses art..where did your love for art and fashion begin?

E. As far back as I can remember,I have always been impressed by both art and fashion and wanted to study both. I went off to study art in college, and was taught art history, through which I noticed that I was inspired by the work of Marcel Duchamp and Auguste Rodin. These two artists first explored the concept of capturing movement in art and I was exhilarated by the idea.

Having completed my studies in art, I went on to subsequently study fashion. While observing the movement of a garment, I thought of the work of Rodin and Duchamp and was determined to capture movement by fusing the two disciplines

of art and fashion.

All of your designs feature beautiful prints, what inspires each print you create?

E. Each year, I am inspired by the theme of my personal artwork so as to create prints for the two seasonal collections of the year. This year I was inspired by imaginary mythological elements in the city. Specifically, I featured a symbolic hybrid mermaid in a chaotic city in which she was struggling to survive.

What is your favorite part of the process? Why?

E. My favorite part is the conceptual part. I enjoy the process of tying an encryptical meaning to each print and having the prints stand under a thematic umbrella.

Do you handmake the garments yourself or do you work with a team or production house?

E. The artwork is all handmade in the studio but I collaborate with a notable practicing artist (Alkistis Michaelidou) who is also aware of the contemporary theories of art and with whom I discuss artistic matters of coherence. The final printed fabric is a result of the digital manipulation of my hand made artwork, and then off the fabric goes to be sewn into a final garment!

Could you describe Rokkelle's style aesthetic in 3 words?

E. A Fluid, Stylistic mixture of Wearable art.

What inspired you to create your own line? Can you give us a brief history of the brand building process? 

E. My source of inspiration was the fact that I had not yet come across anything as eye-catching , also casual and easy to wear, as the garments I created for ROKKELLE.

The brand building process came as a result of being thoroughly informed in an array of subject matters crucial for the development of a fashion label.

What are some of the biggest challenges you face as a young designer?

E. My biggest challenge laid in the prospect of creating a contemporary line that will be worn and loved by all women of varying ages and body types.

Where do you see Rokkelle in 1 year… 5 years… 10 years? 

E. Everywhere!

What do you hope the women in Rokkelle take away from each piece they wear?

E. I hope for the ROKKELLE women to take away the chance to embrace their authentic self and to feel free to communicate their uttermost, most beautiful self- what I call "the spirit glowing effect"!