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OUTFIT DETAILS C/O: coat (Toby Heart Ginger), dress (Toby Heart Ginger), boots (See Similar Here), hats (Vintage)


ok, I am not sure what is happening in the rest of the world, but it seems it went straight from summer to winter here in chicago! 

we got our first snow already and the temps are sitting in the 30's and 40's. the leaves were still green when the snow started falling. but now that it has been consistently cooler, its time to really talk essentials. 

number 1

jackets and coats:  oh my goodness, when you live somewhere that is cold a majority of the year... having a cute  warm coat is one of your biggest defenses in the battle between feeling good and being warm. I love this oversized camel coat because it leaves enough space for layering of sweaters and blazers and whatever else you might pile on for your day. I wouldn't call this a  below temps winter coat but it definitely keeps you warm and gives you the flexibility to layer. it is oversized so there is no worry that sleeves will get weird and bunchy underneath or you won't  be able to move your arms. we have got quite a few coats on the site right now that are so so adorable and extremely cozy.

number 2

thigh high boots: once I went thigh high, I've never gone back! the extra layer of warmth makes all the difference. whether you are layering over jeans, leggings, or tights, the look always comes across sophisticated and polished with ease. I have invested in 4 different thigh high boots: 2 black flats, 1 brown flat, and 1 black heel. I have protected them with waterproof protectant and have worn them for years. I swear they make a world of a difference. I especially love the ones with the tie cinch at the top because it gives you some wiggle room. 

number 3

hats: there isn't enough I can say about how much I love hats and how much they can take an outfit from great to amazing! hats just add so much to a look. a dash of mystery and a flare for fun. I have a collection of hats: floppy, fedora, bowler, cloche, pillbox... the list goes on, most are vintage. I even have a top hat. I believe in hats, I think hats should be worn daily, throughout all seasons. 

these are my top fav essentials... there are obviously also shoes, bags and scarves which are great ways to create interesting winter looks, but I love having a core set of staples that become a signature style all your own. 

show me your favorite essentials #sararoseontheroad! 


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