Traveling with Hipsters [for sisters]

Over the weekend I went on my annual birthday trip to Disney World and I was so excited to give my new fanny pack a go... We loved when these trendy fringe bags made a comeback for festival season, and couldn't wait to get our hands on a vegan version! 

Hipsters for Sisters, is committed to sustainability, ethics, and relieving women of the baggage we lug around with us every day. 

I took my beautiful new mulberry fringe for a spin over the weekend and have to say, I couldn't believe how freeing it was to be hands free, but have everything that I needed every day, right at my hip. I could fit in a rolled long sleeve tee for chilly nights, sunscreen, my phone, lipstick and chapstick, my credit cards, and sunglasses. Traveling light is my new motto, well living light really. I have been in a process of editing my closet and my home to make room for the things I really want to do and really love. The less stuff I have weighing me down, the less time I have to spend organizing, cleaning and maintaining the clutter bug, and the more time I have for spontaneous trips, fun nights out and luxurious mornings in reading, meditating and sipping tea. 

It may seem silly that a bag or a closet detox could create such a drastic change in my life, but it is real and I am loving this freedom of living a simpler life. 

I got back from my trip realizing I needed a lot less "stuff" to survive the day and really enjoy it. So I am grateful to my new little "hip" kick... or sidekick! I have taken this little love bug and brought it to my busy everyday life back here in Chicago. I am usually known as the bag lady, always carrying with me everything I thought I needed for the day. But I now find myself popping out of my car no longer feeling rushed and stressed, fumbling to grab all my bags and pretend like I have it all together. I now have it all together, I casually stroll in and feel 100 lbs lighter and a million more times at peace. 

Have you trip the fanny pack trend? What did you think? Are you a fan? Let us know!

Until next time!