A Minimalist's Guide To Packing The Perfect Handbag

Vegan Fur Coat: Stix and Roses | Handbag: Matt and Nat | Sunglasses: Ellison | Coconut Oil: Cocovit | Nail Polish: LVX | Lip Stain: Biba Lips

Packing the Perfect Handbag


The perfectly packed handbag sets the tone for your entire week. It’s reassuring and exhilarating at the same time. So, every Sunday evening, I take the time to pull everything out of my handbag to organize and declutter for my busy week. When you are on the run, you need everything in its' place and ready to go. One friend referred to the easy essentials’ access in your handbag as “the quick grab”. No time to think about it, just go. 
We’ve selected the Tacoma in chili from Matt and Nat with a place for everything and everything is in its' place. With three (yes, three!) interior pen pockets, media and business card holder, cosmetics, laptop and bonus iPad interior, and outer pocket for your keys and eyewear, there will be no fumbling! This is a well designed and quality constructed handbag and its' interior is made from recycled plastic bottles, so you know there’s meaning behind it’s production. Take a look inside and you’ll find our Cocovit coconut moisture for travel and the orange and basil lip balm. We have also included the new glamour Biba Lip color in reusable gold case and LVX clear gloss for your toxin free nail touch ups. Your handbag prep is not complete without UV protective eyewear and the handmade Lola from Ellison celebrates your style in color.

Don’t wait until Sunday night . . . do you know what’s in your handbag?