How to: Zero Waste Travel Essentials



I have been on the road quite a bit in the past 24 months. With all this travel, I am learning how to do things in betters ways. From packing to planning, one thing I have really loved learning the past few trips, is learning how to travel with zero waste. 
I recently purchased a set of reusable straws. I saw these cute rose gold straws from @enchantmentbox and had to incorporate them into my life. 


I bought them here on Amazon. They come with 8 straws total: 4 rose gold and 4 wide stainless steel, as well as 2 straws to clean them. In an effort to simplify my life and to reduce my waste, I bought this bundle to give as gifts throughout the year to loved ones. 

In addition to the reusable straws, I brought with my favorite water bottle. I have this cute glass pineapple bottle from Godinger Green (my mom got this for me for Christmas and it hasn't left my side yet). Not only does it act as a good reminder to hydrate throughout the day, but it cuts down on any plastic waste you might use while traveling. My goal is always to drink at least 4 of these a day and this has made that totally manageable. It is easy to drink from and is nice and lightweight. Of course, depending on where you travel clean drinking water may not be accessible. 


Last but certainly not least, is a collapsable reusable cup. I love this one from Stojo. You can use it for hot or cold drinks and it collapses down to fit within your purse or backpack pocket! I am a big fan of getting coffee on the go in the mornings when I travel. This is the perfect match for my little tradition. I am also a super slow drinker... so when I go out to eat while traveling, I usually have leftover drinks and I hate wasting them, so instead of asking for a single use to go cup, this little guy comes in super handy.


There you have it! These are my top favs right now for zero waste travel. I am not a huge napkin user, but you can always add in a cotton napkin as well, to have a full set for any meals that may not use reusable table settings. That goes for tableware too! If you plan on eating places that are on the go and require flatware, I have this all in one set here. That may or may not work for you! They have tons of options.

Can't wait to see how you travel in style with zero waste! Tag us on insta @sararoseontheroad or #sararoseontheroad.