How To Travel With 40 Outfits in 1 Convertible Weekender | Our Guide To Handsfree Lightweight Travel

To say that I am excited about my Lesportsac packing cubes and convertible weekender would be an understatement. 

I have traveled a lot in the past 24 months. With all that travel, I learned I am not as efficient a packer as I thought I was, and that was not acceptable. I found myself overwhelmed with packing and unpacking and trying to  manage multiple bags of luggage while navigating crowded, busy airports. 

I felt weighed down and burdened and my body was starting to pay the price of lugging heavy bags and racing through terminals. The security lines were most difficult. I felt stress holding people up in the security line or boarding a plane... piling on my bags, taking off my shoes, putting shoes back on and then, the occasional bag inspection and watching all of my personal belongings on full display for all to see and trying to stuff it all back in my bag as fast as possible to keep the line moving. 

So I made a promise to myself on my last trip that I would do some research and find ways to lighten my travel load and become a more efficient lightweight traveler. 

A major part of that process was to examine the contents of my bag. I had to assess what I was bringing and determine if it was necessary. Does it add value to my trip or did it burden me? 

A majority of my trips are for work, photoshoots with extensive fashion content in short amounts of time. I found there were much better ways to create looks with a lot less items required. You can find my new packing philosophy in a recent post here.

I started packing lighter, this year, but it was still messy. I couldn’t find everything I had packed. Things would go missing in my bag. There was no structure or order to my bags and they were stuffed and overflowing and I was overwhelmed with carrying bags through the airport. My bags were smaller but now I had more things to manage. 

Enter my Lesportsac packing cubes and convertible weekender dream bag.

My whole life was immediately changed! That may seem overstated but for someone who travels as much as I do, these are two items that have made my life wonderfully better. 

The packing cubes come as a set of 3: 1 small, 1 medium, and 1 large. They hold so much! 

I was able to fit 40 different mix and match outfits in my large packing cube (5 bottoms, 7 tops, 3 dresses, a jumpsuit, and then of course the outfit I wore on the plane) and I still had plenty of room for items I would purchase on my trip.

I organized my belongings by using the cubes as references. The large was for clothes, the medium for workout clothes, pjs, swimsuits, undergarments, and accessories (scarves),  and the smallest cube held my toiletries, all purpose soap, hair brush, toothbrush, and makeup. 

All of the cubes still had plenty of space leftover for anything else I might need to add, but I am confident in knowing what I need and do not need to bring with me for trips. I no longer travel with a hair dryer because I know most hotels have them in the room or are available. Depending on where I am traveling to, I may bring a compact curling iron. 

Now to the best part. 

I travel quite often on budget airlines and if you are familiar, they charge for carryon bags… and this is costly. Some airlines charge $50 a bag to carry on or $45 to check a bag (totaling $100 for round trip, just for your luggage!). My goal after this last trip was to streamline to just one personal bag. Ultimately, the goal is stress free and travel ease.

I had been using a duffle, but it was starting to hurt my neck and shoulder on the one side I was constantly carrying it on. It was big, and after frantically trying to stuff everything back in at security, I would get on the plane frazzled and bump everyone as I walked down the aisle. I am sorry if you were one of those people. I have been on the hunt for an under seat wheeling bag big enough to hold everything I need, including easy access to my laptop, charging cords and headphones. Nothing was adequate. Then I found the convertible weekender from Lesportsac. It is a smaller duffle, that converts to a backpack and has numerous pockets around the entire outside of the bag to hold things like my phone, wallet, passport, earbuds, keys, snacks, charging cords! It is glorious. It eliminates the need for another smaller bag while navigating the airport. It fits under the seat in front of me I have everything I need at my feet.

I had so much extra space once I packed with my cubes that I had plenty of space to keep my laptop at the top of my bag, making it super easy to load and unload at security. 

Y’all, I am so blown away! You have to see it to believe it! Be sure to head to Lesportsac’s IGTV and watch my full packing episode and check out the awesome packing cubes!

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