A Visit to Hundred Acre Woods with Christopher Robin | Press Preview

Last week I was invited by Disney Studios to a press preview of Christopher Robin.

I grew up watching 'The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh' on repeat. Some of my best childhood memories involve summer days eating homemade popsicles, watching Pooh and friends, while day dreaming about hanging out in the Hundred Acre Woods. Rabbit was always my favorite, my mom loved Piglet and my brother loved Tigger. 

I am extremely grateful for the opportunities I have had with The Disney Company, but getting to take my mom to the press screening of 'Christopher Robin' and relive that magic, probably tops the list closest to my heart. 

We watch with hearts-broken as Christopher Robin grows up and loses touch with his friends from the Hundred Acre Woods, but all that changes when his daughter finds an old drawing Christopher drew as a child. 

Pooh does what he does best and reminds us of all of the most important things in life. We laughed a lot and shed quite a few tears. And when it was over, I walked away with a restored sense of faith that even if we grow up, we don't have to grow old. 

The only thing I would have changed about 'Christopher Robin' would have been to make it much much longer. It went by so fast and I wish I had gotten more time with Pooh and the gang. 

For the event we Disneybounded as Pooh and Tigger. 

I have gotten a lot of wear out of this red top from Target's Who What Wear Collection and these wide leg trousers from Forever 21. I finished the look with a pair of vegan wedges from Susi Studio and vintage gold metallic purse.

Mom wore a cute orange ruffle tank, a black pencil skirt, and  a vintage orange purse for her Tigger bound. 

Check out our looks below:

(Press Preview of Christopher Robin, courtesy of Disney Studios)

(Press Preview of Christopher Robin, courtesy of Disney Studios)

Have you seen the movie yet? What do you think? What were some of your favorite moments? Let me know in the comments below!