Disney Style | The Trends That Are Capturing Disney Fans From All Over The Globe

“Destination: Disney Style a new series celebrating Disney style around the globe”

Disney Style launched it’s first episode at the Youtube Space in LA on the second of August. This new Youtube series followed popular Youtube stars LaurDIY, Jaleesa Moses, Meredith Foster and Lucy & Lydia as they explored various Disney trends and collaborations all over the globe including the likes of New York, and Tokyo. Viewers can expect to see how the popular trend Disney bounding is adapted into the different cultures explored. How Harajuku styles are incorporated to make Disney apparel fabulous in Tokyo, how New York fashion can include various Disney dynamics, and more. Disney style even highlighted various stores and artists as their collabs and unique takes on Disney fashions were divulged into. New episodes will be released each week to take on a different city, as well as other fun Disney videos including beauty tutorials, nail tutorials, outfit inspirations, etc.

Destination: Disney Style put together a fantastic evening where lovers of Disney from all over could come together and celebrate this new branch of Disney fashion. Although the main focus was on the release of the Youtube series, collaborations from fashion designers from all over were placed throughout the space. Shoe designs that incorporated various Disney figurines were displayed. Disney styles from Shanghai fashion week made their second debut. Marc Jacobs and Coach collaboration were out to be admired. Disney jewelry, bags, and even dresses made from Disney stuffed animals were advertised.

The space included beverages, various entrees, games, nail and fashion decals, and even a fun photo booth where guests could capture the night. Bloggers, youtubers, designers, and Disney fans alike were able to mingle and talk about the beauty that is Disney. Smiles were evident on the faces of all as you cannot have a Disney event without experiencing the happiness that makes Disney such a phenomenon to all. And by far the best part of the night was to see how all of the people there took on Disney Style and made it their own.

Check out the latest episodes here:

Destination: Disney Style



After all, don’t we all love to be able to be dressed in Disney?