Our Favorite Week Of The Year Is Here, We Spent A Night At The Field Museum For Members' Night

This past Thursday we attended our first Members’ Night.

Every year the Field Museum opens exclusively for Field Members. For two nights, members are invited to Members’ Night at the museum to see special exhibits, talk one on one with Field scientists and get exclusive access to behind the scenes areas of the museum that are usually off limits.

Our Field Museum membership paid for itself on our first visit. It has been one of my favorite investments this past year and I look forward to continue being a member for years to come.

We purchased the Family Plus Membership for $180 (includes 2 adults, children*, and 1 guest). It costs $141 for 3 adults and 1 child for a single entry for a regular museum day, where as the * Family Plus package for the year covers 3 adults and as many children under 18 that live in your home, you also get all all of the following benefits as well:

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Membership Benefits

  • Unlimited Basic admission

  • Free or discounted admission to all ticketed exhibitions for each person covered under the membership

  • Discounted tickets to 3D movies

  • Opportunities to go behind the scenes each year at Members’ Nights

  • Free reciprocal admission to more than 300 science and technology museums all over the world

  • 10% discount at our stores and restaurants

  • Subscription to member magazine In the Field

  • Exclusive tours and events throughout the year

  • Discounts on educational programs

One of my favorite ways to work remotely, is to sit in the museum cafe and work with a view of the lake. They have strong coffee, with an option for soy milk, and delicious vegan meals like the: Chhole Chickpea Curry, Mango Curry Hummus Panini, a seasonal tofu curry soup, and a build your own salad bar. The fries are also vegan.

A day is not enough time to get through all the exhibits and things there are to do at The Field and that is why a membership gives you the luxury to take your time in each exhibit and fully immerse yourself in soaking it all up. If a membership is not within your budget, but you are an Illinois resident, there are many free days for residents and I highly recommend taking advantage of those days as regularly as you can.

Are you a museum nerd like me? I would love to know what some of your favorite museums are across the globe. Let me know in the comments below!

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