Hello 2018 | I am Ready for You!

OUTFIT DETAILS C/O: Blouse (Sabo Skirt), Dress (Sabo Skirt see similar style here), Vegan Fur Coat (Custom Stix and Roses), Bag (Harveys), Boots (Target)

HELLO 2018 | i am ready for you!

Our best days are yet to come! Treat every day like New Years Day.

I started to treat Mondays like New Years Day, a few years back because I became aware of my own dread of Mondays. It is a cultural phenomenon and I personally don't believe it is one that has our best interests at heart. 

I know that those that dread Mondays, dread them because the weekend is over and its back to work we go, but it really got me thinking about the power we give certain days and how much it can affect our every day lives. 

I started to look forward to Mondays like we look forward to New Years Day. Making it a day where I have the chance to hit the reset button on my energy, my goals, and any thing else I might be working on. These are some of the rituals I practice in preparation for my Monday.  I think as we enter this New Year, I would love to set the intention of treating every day like New Years Day. 


It is all in the preparation (to be done the night or day before)

  • mental: right before bed, light a candle, turn on your salt lamp and meditate. any form of meditation is great. practicing meditation at least once a day is so beneficial for so many areas of life. I have studied and currently practice Transcendental Meditation, but if you are not familiar or are new to meditation, gaia (gaia.com) has a great list of guided meditations that I love to use at night before bed, or early in the morning before work. at most, this will take you 20 minutes. *don't forget to blow out your candle before you go to bed :)
  • Spiritual: make a list of your goals for the new day. write down a mantra or set an intention for the new day and attach it to your breath. your goals can be personal goals, career goals, health goals, but make them attainable for one day. examples for personal goals "make a stranger smile", "laugh at the silly stuff", career goals could be "clean out emails" or "take time out to help a co-worker", health goals examples "drink more water", or "eat more greens". it is so much easier to achieve your long term goals when you are taking it one day at a time. write down your goals or your mantra and stick them somewhere where you will see them regularly throughout the day. this usually comes to me after my meditation and then I just quickly jot it down. 5-10 minutes.
  • physical: take a bath, do some light yoga, put your phone down, and get to bed at a decent time. daily baths have become my space to really relax and reflect. I have also really started to love making bath recipes. currently my favorite mixture is: epsom salt, jojoba oil, and a couple drops of essential oil. depending on what my body needs, I bounce back and forth between peppermint oil, eucalyptus, wild orange or lavender. my brothers girlfriend, Kim, made us a special recipe of dried flowers and herbs for New Years Eve. it was a special Mexican tradition her mother shares with her every year and it was so beautiful to add in a new tradition this year for our first New Years together. but this idea of ringing in the new year... or new day, with a bath ritual really speaks to me. before I do my final meditation of the night (right before bed), I love to do some light yoga. again, gaia.com is one of my favorite apps on Roku (you can also stream from their site). they have great videos available and have been adding more and more lately, to their list. my phone automatically sets to do no disturb at 8 pm and its set until 7 am the next day. this happens every day and it is one of my favorite features on my phone. in case of emergencies, your phone will allow calls through from your favorites or after a couple calls in a row from the same number. 30 mins - 45 mins.
  • Plan your outfit: one of the things in the past that I loved so much about NYE, is of course, planning my outfit. that to me is the most exciting part haha. but when we get excited about planning our outfits for the next day ahead of time, it sets the tone for the start of the day. instead of racing around last minute, trying to figure out what to throw on, you've got your outfit ready the night before and have had more time to thoughtfully put it together. I have a rack hanging over my door, that holds my looks for the upcoming week (along with some of my go to favorites, that I know I love and always feel confident in). this takes the panic out of the morning and instead makes it a luxurious process of getting ready the next day. 10 mins. I also prefer to take my showers at night and dry my hair before bed so that when I wake up, I am just doing a 5 minute face and throwing a couple wavy curls throughout my hair. 30 mins.

    DAY OF

    Gratitude Journal

    Something that changed my life and continues to change my life, is a gratitude journal. It is simple and shouldn't be complicated. I write down the date and I write down a line or two of what I was grateful for that day. Initially, its usually the silly stuff, but once I am in the full swing of it, my lines turn to paragraphs and its hard to choose just one thing to be grateful for. whenever I find myself in a slump or feeling down, this is a sure fire way to turn around my whole spirit and energy. if you are alive, you have at least one reason to be grateful. each day is a chance. each day you get the power to make the most of the day you've been given. how you use it is entirely up to you. 

    I hope this helps and I can't wait to hear about all of the awesome things you are accomplishing with each new day you get. Make sure to keep me posted! Tag @sararoseontheroad on insta or share in the comments below here. E-mail me! However you want to reach out, please do! I would love to hear from you.