Dressed in Disney Celebrates Four Y(ears) On Instagram and A Community Of Over 112K Strong

All photography by Roxy Yang.

All photography by Roxy Yang.

I can’t believe how fast four y[ears] has flown by!

We celebrated our fourth year on Instagram with @dressedindisney this past October, and it is so surreal that a simple hashtag formed such an inspiring and empowering community. We are so proud to be a part of something so magical with all of you!

Over 112K of you have shared your Disney style with the hashtag #dressedindisney and your outfits keep inspiring us to live our best magic everyday, no matter where we are.

When I first started our tumblr blog in 2013, I was just hoping to find fellow Disney fans that also had a passion for fashion. I wanted to bring home the magic that I loved so much from the Disney Parks to my everyday life, here in Chicago.


This community has become so much more than a place to share fashion, it has become a place where friendships have formed, trips have been made, and encouragement has been shared.

We have found a space to connect with others who share our Disney obsession. We have met up in the parks and we have met up here in Chicago. Some of y’all have met up across the world, and have made friendships that have gotten you through some pretty tough times.

In Walt’s own words, it is fascinating that “it all started with a mouse”, and this year that special mouse turns 90 years old!

In a world that tries its best to divide us, it means that much more that something as small as a mouse, can bring us all together and create so much joy.

This journey has been a wild one so far. I can not wait to see where it leads from here.

As always, I love seeing how you are sharing your magic and bringing it home! Thank you so much for sharing your life and magic with me. You will never know just how much it means!

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