This Is Not A Drill, We Actually Found All Natural Deodorants That Work And Last All Day Long

Quality over quantity. My search for an aluminum-free, vegan, cruelty-free deodorant that ACTUALLY works has been in progress for at least 5 years now, if not longer.

I have tried them all. Every type of natural deodorant has been tested under my arms and until now, every single deodorant has failed to keep me smelling fresh and last all day long.

I found some success in a homemade recipe, but the application was messy and not convenient. It would also, occasionally, leave my underarms irritated and red. I just wanted something that was easy to apply, that lasted through the day… at least till lunch. And of course it had to be vegan, cruelty-free, and aluminum-free.

Well, as of last month my search has come to a halt.

The first deodorant I found, came in my monthly Vegan Cuts Beauty Box. It is by Honestly pHresh and it is a prebiotic deodorant .

What is prebiotic? Their sticks are formulated with an innovation in natural technology using a balance of prebiotics, minerals and essential oils that work continuously in harmony to effectively keep your underarm skin ph balanced throughout the day without irritation. Their formula promotes the growth of healthy bacteria on your skin’s surface while attacking any gram negative or positive bacteria that causes body odor! 

They claim that this deodorant last 24 hours and I was extremely skeptical at first, but much to my surprise, it actually lasted a full day without any reapplication.

The second deodorant I found, is from one of my current favorite beauty brands, Love Beauty and Planet. I am testing their shampoo and conditioner right now and can’t wait to share those results.

Besides offering a quality vegan and cruelty-free product that actually performs well, they are easily available at your local Target and affordable! Most of their products are less than $10 each. I also love their carbon footprint mission and the simplicity of their product ingredients.

My lymph nodes and body love these two deodorants and I love knowing how clean they are. It is so important to protect our bodies from harsh toxins that wreak havoc on our immune system and nervous system.

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Tropical Blossom Prebiotic Natural Deodorant

$9.99 | Honestly pHresh prebiotic deodorants are the real deal. They come in a range of scents and we were completely shocked when we gave them a try and they actually work. No redness, no stinging, no aluminum, no parabens, vegan and cruelty-free. They claim to last 24 hours and we can attest that they indeed held up to that challenge.

Muru Muru Butter and Rose Deodorant Stick

$7.99 | Love Beauty and Planet, has quickly become my latest favorite in vegan and cruelty-free companies that are working to what’s best for our planet. It is easily available at your local Target and offers a delicious range of scents for the body and hair products. I am currently using this muru muru butter and rose deodorant and am excited to have found something I can grab at my local store, in case I forget to place an order online. Their beauty line is affordable and made with quality ingredients, while maintaining its vegan and cruelty-free status.