A Chic and Minimal Approach To Redecorating Your Entryway For Less Than $85


We have lived in our home for 3 years now, but decorating has been a very slow process.

When we first moved in we had a hodge podge of items that we each had collected over the years. Most of it was outdated hand-me downs from family members or friends, being new home owners, we were slow to add in new pieces and change things up, because we wanted to be cautious of spending and focus our priorities on renovations that needed to be done first.

We still have quite a bit of reno work to finish, but our first floor is about 90% complete and we felt it was time to start making it our own.

My tastes lie somewhere between minimal and eclectic. Finding that balance is always the tricky part. I quickly get swept away in the eclectic and I find myself becoming overwhelmed and lost in it all, so I have been challenging myself to stop while I am ahead, to keep things much more sleek and simple.

One of the last places on our first floor, that didn’t live up to my vision for the house, was our entryway. It was a dead space under our stairs that just did not have purpose and felt disconnected to the rest of the house.

My inspiration for the space was sleek, functional, with a bit of glamour. I wanted the space to be easily transitional for each season. Photos can be swapped out with ease, and seasonal floral can be showcased in our wedding vase. I also love the idea of decorating the table for the holidays with garland and holiday decor.


I had the customizable wall hook rack from Target (I can not find it online currently). I moved it to the smaller wall to make space for the table and prints. It wasn’t being used before we redid this space, but it became a focal point once the table was in place. It is my one stop, little spot, for all the items I grab when I head out the door in the morning and it is so easy to put them all right back when I come home.

I am not done with this space I will eventually add a linen storage bench under the table and potentially a small rug, but for now I am loving the efficiency and ease of this little nook in the house.

The space was not being used well before we redecorated, and now we use it daily. What I love most is that it is not collecting clutter. It’s given us the proper functionality we needed for the items we use regularly.

Shop the items from this makeover below:

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 7.47.07 AM.png

North Avenue Sofa Table

Amazon $52.92

This was a fundamental key piece that I purchased new for this little makeover. It is a beautiful table at a great price. It is easy to put together and extremely solid, yet lightweight.

Wood Frames

Amazon $14.99

I bought these awhile back and originally had them hanging in our bedroom, but we recently started redecorating our bedroom and I went a new route for the frames next to our bedside. I love finding new spaces to use items I already own.

Tiffany and Co. Cylinder Vase


This was a beautiful gift we received for our wedding. It has been a favorite to fill with fresh floral. I am so excited to have a place to set it out everyday.

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 8.00.58 AM.png

Woven Nook Decorative Pillow Cases

Amazon $39.95 set of 4. 100% cotton, faux leather.

These were a new purchase specifically for this space. I had a bunch of pillows that came with our sofa but the covers that came with didn’t go with our aesthetic. These are the perfect addition to our cozy living room and they bring in a bit of warmth to all the grey elements we have, tying it all together nicely.