Our Pinterest Dreams Came True This Past Sunday When We Hosted Our First Annual Galentine's Day Party


So today is technically Valentine’s Day… but we are still dreaming about our first annual Galentine’s Day party that we hosted this past Sunday.

We will take any chance we get to create a special Pin board full of all of our Pinterest dreams and goals, especially when it includes our best girl friends, yummy food, diy’s, and a pink and red color combo explosion.

I hosted my very first Galentine’s celebration at my home and wanted to see if I could take my favorite elements from my inspo board and make them come to life in an easy and affordable way. I could not have done this without my beloved dollar section at Target. Most all of the decor (minus the balloons from party city and diy xoxo table runner made by one of my besties, Emily from butchers paper from the Dollar Store and black paint) were purchased in the dollar section of Target all for less than $35. This also included the glasses we used to make our homemade essential oil candles that I will be sharing below.


An inspo picture from Pinterest can get super overwhelming and seem a lot more complicated than it actually is. What I like to do is break down the image by each element in order to re-create the entire look. The layering of details is what makes it all come together in a grand cohesive way.

Pops of color are key. Choose a main color story and then add in subtle contrasting coloring elements to make your main colors stand out even more. Your food will be an essential layer of color to your final set-up. We all brought a colorful creative dish that was decor in itself.

I have collected glassware and silver trays for years, so I already had a solid base to my food bar serving-ware, that created a beautiful canvas for the snacks and treats to sit on.

The beautiful thing about a vegan/vegetarian diet, is just how pretty the food looks fresh and raw. We dined on mixed fruit bowls, a fluffy spinach and fruit salad, strawberry crostini, avocado toast in the shape of hearts and vegan waffles topped with fruit.

Just add flowers and balloons and you are well on your way to that Pinterest perfect party.

No party is complete without a fun activity and in our case, we love to diy together. This holiday we opted for a diy essential candle, and I don’t know why I was not making my own candles before. It was so quick and easy. I have vowed to never buy another candle ever again.

I am sharing simple directions and where to purchase your supplies below.



step 1.

I purchased a wax heating pitcher for the party to make it easier and cleaner to heat the wax. Pour desired amount of wax into the pitcher.

step 2.

Heat wax on a stove top until it becomes a liquid. We used soy wax that you can shop here.

Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 6.42.13 PM.png

step 3.

Place the wood wick in the metal stand and place in the center of your glass candle jar. When you pour the wax in to the jar, hold the wood wick as it will move while pouring in the liquid wax.

step 4.

Add 10-15* drops of oil to the jar with the wet wax.

*We made 8 ounce candles, we used roughly 10-15 drops of essential oil. This is the hardest part that I am still trying to lock down. The oils smell a lot stronger when the wax is still wet but once it dries it is harder to notice the scent. I found that eucalyptus is the strongest with the least amount of drops.

This is the last part of the process. Let the candles sit until the wax becomes hard and is completely dry. Cut the wood wick down once the wax is completely dry.

A cute fun bonus is creating a custom label to put on your candle. You can create one or buy a cute template on Etsy. Print your template on a waterproof label