Summertime In San Francisco We are Talking What To Wear, Where To Dine, And What To Do

Photographer @kjarrett.

Photographer @kjarrett.

San Francisco has a Mediterranean climate with mild winters with occasional rainy days and warm, dry summers. If you are a temperate person and your motto is “not too hot and not too cold” you’ll love both winter and summer in San Francisco. If you are more of a summer person, you’ll enjoy summertime in San Francisco. San Francisco is surrounded by water on three sides, that is why collision of cold air with warm inland masses create the phenomenon of thick fog through the day.

During summer San Francisco is full of tourists who are visiting numerous fairs and festivals. That might be the reason why the pricing of rooms and other services is rising.  

What to wear

Mild weather in San Francisco gives the impression to tourists that they can wear summer dresses or shorts during summer. Yes, it is California, but it is rarely as hot in the summer as in Bakersfield. The key is to dress in layers. Here is the list of a few things you will most definitely need no matter the season:  

  • Jacket

  • Bag

  • Comfy shoes

  • Casual layers

You will need a light jacket that you can wear if you feel a bit chilly. If you are spending time by the beach where it can be windy, a light windbreaker will be convenient.  

A light bag in which you can carry your jacket is also a good choice. You’ll probably walk a lot, maybe even up the hill, so a bag that can carry a lot of stuff and not be too heavy is the best choice. You should think about getting an anti-theft bag. You can never be too cautious. 

Comfortable shoes are the thing you’ll need the most because San Francisco has a lot of hills. My suggestion is to buy some running sneakers. But if you like to spend your summer in flats, get some comfy flats, and you are ready to go.  

Layers, layers, layers... You can’t repeat that enough times. Your pieces should be able to match to create multiple casual outfits. If you plan on moving to San Francisco, know that it is not really a fashionable city like Los Angeles or New York. You will get used to casual and comfortable wear. People love to be comfortable, which you can see even in fancy restaurants. Of course, there are always people who like to dress fancy, but you won’t make a mistake if you are not one of them. Especially if you are out all day. 

Nights can be chilly, and you’ll need layers to get through the whole day. 

You never know when you are going to need a jacket, so you better bring it with you!

Photographer: @ericjamesward

Photographer: @ericjamesward


Summertime in San Francisco can be a great time to try a lot of good stuff to eat. But because it is tourist season, you should always check the working hours and call to see how much you are expected to wait to get the table.  Maybe it is best to go in off-peak hours if you can. There are many fantastic restaurants in San Francisco you should go to. With a culture of local ingredients and international influences, San Francisco is the best spot for food lovers. 

Vegan ham and cheese croissant from Vegan Picnic SF. Photo Courtesy @veganpicnicsf.

Vegan ham and cheese croissant from Vegan Picnic SF. Photo Courtesy @veganpicnicsf.

Breakfast and brunch 

People usually choose to take something from the bakery, such as buns and croissants. When you think about the food places, you imagine them in a crowded street, but don’t forget that San Francisco has beaches and that maybe the best breakfast place is just on one of them. You can take your sandwich and walk down to Ocean Beach.  

Lunch and dinner 

You have a chance to eat in the best specialty restaurants in SF, where you can try from Israeli to Italian food. If you are just visiting, your desire to stay longer will grow while you enjoy the incredible bay views and fresh food. People in San Francisco also enjoy vegetarian and vegan food. They also try to use as much fashion and beauty products that are cruelty-free and vegan/vegetarian-friendly. If you care about our planet and living creatures, there are places in SF in which you can buy vegan/vegetarian products with plastic-free packaging.   

In San Francisco you can find a lot of great vegan/vegetarian restaurants

Vegan sushi at SHIZEN SF. Photo courtesy of SHIZEN SF. Find more delicious vegan food in SF or your area at  Kompas .

Vegan sushi at SHIZEN SF. Photo courtesy of SHIZEN SF. Find more delicious vegan food in SF or your area at Kompas.

Photographer @jack_patrick.

Photographer @jack_patrick.

You can choose many ways to take in all the sights of the city, one of them is through the eyes of the festivals which are happening every year during summer. Here is a list of festivals you can visit and enjoy the cultural spirit: 

  • Outside Lands Festival

  • Fourth of July Waterfront Festival

  • San Francisco Marathon

  • Stern Grove Festival

  • Summer Solstice

  • North Beach Festival

  • Silent Film Festival

  • Union Street Festival

If you don’t like crowded streets, summertime in San Francisco for you can be all about sitting around a campfire and roasting marshmallows while enjoying the views and water.

Photographer: @jamiedanielle__

Photographer: @jamiedanielle__

Moving during summertime in San Francisco 

Weather in the summer is ideal for moving to a new home. Therefore, it is the busiest time of the year for moving companies. Temperature is not too high and not too low. People don’t choose summer time to move because of the beautiful weather, especially families who find it more convenient to move when kids are out of school. This way, it is less of a trouble for the whole family. Summer months are mostly crowded because high school students are moving to colleges. Work relocations are also very common. More than 50 percent of all moves occur from June to September. With that being said, book your moving company in advance.

If you are one of the unlucky ones who must move out earlier than they can move in, you need to find other options. You can crash at a friend’s apartment in that period, but what about your stuff? It is exhausting to move things from place A to place B then to place C. There are a lot of options you can consider. One of them which might be the best is to rent a storage unit and keep your belongings safe.   

If you are in between places, you can rent a storage unit for your stuff.